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How addicted am I?

Posted by Allison on January 26, 2010

Really, I’ve spent the morning doing very little on my “list” for today.  Well thats not true, the only thing on my list was laundry and once it’s in the machine there is little I CAN do, right?  So any way, I may have spent a RIDICULOUS amount of time looking for baby knits.  NO I’m not pregnant, dear god, strike that thought from your mind right NOW.  I’m done with the baby making.  This hoo ha is closed!  But other people around me are having babies and it’s a good excuse to knit something other than socks for Elijah.  Ravelry is the biggest help/hindrance on the whole knitting thing.  Every pattern known to man is on it so it’s very convenient but the EVERY PATTERN KNOWN TO MAN is on it!  I started looking for a cute pair of baby **** (edited cause it’s NONE of the baby momma’s business) and before I was less than a half an hour in I was looking at a bikini with boy shorts for my kid!  How did THAT happen.  I tell you there is so much “out there” when you’re a knitter, and then add an knitter with MY attention span…it’s horrible.  Ok, case in point  I saw this dinosaur hoodie but really that’s more Elijah’s size than a baby so I went to this pattern for cabled baby cargo pants because who doesn’t want to see what THAT looks like, right.  Then things went a little sideways.  The pants made me think of summer so I typed in swim suit and got this Jane of the Jungle which should have stopped the crazy but I only know the sex of one of the babies so I really shouldn’t be knitting a swimsuit for a baby that MIGHT be a girl.  Wait I wonder if they have knitted swimsuits in Nadia’s size which lead to me finding this swimsuit which I’m pretty sure would result in some form of convent school, which started me giggling and then I typed in “knitting nuns” and well, it just goes downhill from there….

I’ll leave it at that but suffice it to say I ended saving a pattern for fornicating reindeer in my ravelry library before all was said and done.

8 Responses to “How addicted am I?”

  1. Kathy said

    That sounds like success to me! I swear I have adult ADD or something in that nature!

  2. Ummmm…I think there is something wrong with my vision or I really DON’T know anything about knitting…all of the links led me to the same ‘steggie’ Dinosaur hoodie? Anyway, I get very sidetracked too, especially when online shopping. It’s like a little squirrel on the hunt for food and then all of sudden ‘SHINY OBJECT!’ and your attention goes somewhere else entirely!

    Have a great ‘steggie’ day Ü

    • Allison said

      that would be because in my hurry to leave to get my kid I made my point about the whole adult ADD thing and didn’t check the links….thanks for letting me know they are all better now!

  3. Kristinma said

    You know, if you ever get tired of knitting for babies….

  4. becks said

    ADD! It’s so hard not to though. Especially online. And then it becomes overwhelming b.c you wanna do it all.

  5. Cheryl said

    Thanks for using the word hoo ha in your post today, haha. I used it yesterday and the boyfriend looked at me like “what the heck are you talking about?” and then told me he thinks it’s in the “come and ride the train and ride it hoo ha” song. I think he’s crazy.

  6. Lourie said

    I would do that! Jump from one topic to the next. No wonder we have such short attention spans we have the world at our finger tips.

  7. tattytiara said

    I know, I know, the more choice I have the less decisive I get too!

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