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Posted by Allison on January 27, 2010

So when I was in elementary school the BIG field trip was to North Battleford.  I remember going by bus to the mini city that was a representation of prarie life back 1905.  They had these amazing buildings set up so you could see what life was like back in the ‘olden days’.  It was very exciting and we all ran around like crazy kids.  There were tractors and all the farming impliments from the early settlers.  I had no idea that on the other side of the world this was NOT considered very long ago.  To me it was ancient history.

Yesterday my daughter brought home the outline for her extended fieldtrip for grade 5.  The kids are going to AMSTERDAM for 4 days.  They will be going to the Anne Frank House, the Vincent van Gogh Museum, the NEMO Science Centre and exploring a replica of a Dutch East India sailing ship.  They will also get a chance to do a canal trip and visit a windmill.  They will be getting there on the Deutsche Bahn (train) and staying in a hostel.

I mean, I also got to go to Moose Jaw… I’m not completely jealous.

14 Responses to “Oh…”

  1. ~dawn said

    And I thought the trip to the state capital to see where the Governor works was cool…guess not as cool as going to Amsterdam.
    The only problem I see with this?
    The kids are too young to appreciate just how cool Amsterdam really is.

    • Allison said

      I’m thinking the school probably doesn’t want to take 16 year olds were marijuana is legally smoked…so they go in grade 5 before it’s an issue…

  2. Dee said

    yes, they won’t be exposed to certain parts of Amsterdam that make it truly unique and interesting….but they will enjoy just the same. Great city.

  3. Caitlin said

    So, will you be volunteering for this one like you did for the firehouse field trip?

  4. Janet said

    Wow, that’s one heck of a field trip! I think mine was to the state capital or something equally as boring as that.

  5. Kristi said

    mine was to west edmonton mall..let a bunch of gr 6 farm kids run around the mall like crazies. Now I won’t go to the mall if u paid me. hate the place. Tell N that I am very jealous… hope she has fun. and please don’t volunteer.. nothing ruins a fun trip like a parent…let someone elses kids trip get ruined.

  6. Yes, I’m with Caitlin…VOLUNTEER! What good are kids if we can’t live vicariously through their sweet little lives!?!

    • Allison said

      Sadly the ‘room mom’ is the only parent going. I’m going to enjoy 4 days of non eye rolling peace without the drama that is a pre teenager and call it a holiday!

  7. Rhona said

    Wow, that is amazing! I am jealous. The furthest I got to go was Toronto. 🙂

  8. lynda said

    I was jealous of our Big Daughter too.. she got to go to Spain!!! From Australia.. just because she was studying spanish in school… I mean SPAIN! We were lucky if we made it out of the school gates!

    Mind you.. that trip to the Netherlands sounds super cool.. I would like to go.. can I go?

  9. Paul said

    Are you serious? That’s one amazing field trip. I’m jealous. Can you start getting her blog up so she can write about it?

    • Allison said

      I would but I’m not sure how “oh my god, shut up!”, “he is soooo cute” and Mmmmmmooooomm!” translates into the blog world.
      I will however send her with a digital camera I can’t WAIT to see what kind of pictures she deems important.

  10. Hey there, thanks for stopping by my blog! To answer your question, Zumba is a latin-dance-based fitness class. It’s all about learning steps to different Latin rhythms, working your core, and having a great time. (And sweating a LOT!) It’s a fabulous way to tone up and shed some pounds, and you learn some steps you can use next time you’re out salsa dancing! 🙂

  11. Lourie said

    Disneyland and Knott’s Berry Farm were my coolest trips. That buries them in a heartbeat!!

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