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Winter Wonderland.

Posted by Allison on January 25, 2010

What a surprise!  This morning we woke up to snow! It was that that perfect snow ball type snow and since it probably won’t be around soon I thought I’d run out and take a few pictures.

Our back yard became a winter wonderland, which is odd because yesterday the green grass was everywhere.

Our transportation was snowed in.

I’m sure it caused all kinds of havoc on the roads but it was pretty and since it was only about minus 2 it’s hard to get all worked up about it. And the weather network has temps above freezing during the day all week so I can’t imagine it’ll be around for long.

I met a woman on the bus the other day from Romania.  She told me that were she is from is VERY cold.  Her eyes just about bugged out when I told her some of the temperatures we were used to back home.  She also didn’t get the “it’s a dry cold” part.  She just thinks we are all crazy for living there.  She spoke a little English and I spoke a little German.  She said she took 5 years of English when she was in school.  She was very cute.  Probably mid 50’s and she was able to explain when the next bus was coming and which route it would be.  I was able to tell her where I needed to go and thank her.

10 Responses to “Winter Wonderland.”

  1. BLOGitse said

    snow…I do not miss snow at all…Most of my life winters in the darkness and snow, no thank you – Egypt is like a paradise if the light+sun = a criterion > number one to live in here… 🙂

    • Allison said

      I would GLADLY leave snow behind. I would love to live somewhere there is no snow. In fact I’m hoping our next stop has us moaning that it’s too hot!

  2. suzicate said

    Pretty pics…we have yet to get more than a dusting that last more than a few hours.

  3. What nice pictures. I love looking at everything covered in an inch or two of snow.

    For like two minutes. 🙂

    Have an Extraordinary Day!
    (and come check out my guest blogger today if you’ve got a few minutes, she’s hilarious!)

  4. We have snow ALL winter long Ü I’m from SLC, Utah. In fact, we had several snow storms here this weekend and it added about 2-4 inches to our 3-4 foot base that’s been here since the end of Novemeber. It’s great for the ski resorts…not so great for the ‘lizard’ inside me that loves 100 degree weather!!

  5. becks said

    It did look like a very pretty winter wonderland! I love how it stuck to the trees. What’s even prettier than the snow is Germany in Summer!!! I bet spring is awesome. Can. Not. Wait.

  6. Kristin said

    Wow, how beautiful!! I haven’t seen snow in person of forever. Perils of living in Florida. ah ha

  7. Lourie said

    I totally get that “dry” cold. It’s very different. Just like dry heat and humidity. They are just different. Gorgeous snowy pictures.

  8. Paul Wynn said

    Whoa! That snow is intense! hehe “winter wonderland”

  9. lynda said

    The snow wore a little thin for me late yesterday… I was lazy and didn’t clear off the back of the car properly.. when I opened the kofferraum (boot/trunk) a HUGE amount of snow landed right inside… exactly where I was planning to put all the groceries. I then spent 20 minutes digging all the snow OUT of the car… dumb. It was minus 10 degrees celcius here this morning.. suddenly I am missing the sunshine.

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