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Grab the brass ring…

Posted by Allison on January 15, 2010

Yeah, I know what the saying is from but it’s one of those sayings that to me, is always a little ‘off’.  Sounds dirty when I say it but I know it’s not.

I think one of the cool things about being 40 is that is opens you up to a world of discovery.  At least it’s suppose to. I believe that 40 is the decade for reflection and moving forward in your life.  So many people go through mid-life crisis at this point in their lives, I think it’s misnamed.  It’s not a crisis it’s an awakening.  Granted, it’s easier to believe this when in fact you ARE 40 and desperately holding on to anything that doesn’t make you feel old or reflect how much you are indeed like the generation you swore you’d be so different from (mommy issues, oops) .  Notice it’s only people who are 40 and older that talk about how the 40’s are such an amazing time, how 40 can be such a rebirth and that you’re not really yourself before you turn 40.  It’s very similar to being a teenager in some ways, there is so much in front of you that it can seem overwhelming but unlike when your a teenager at least you have some life experience under your belt.  Far less likely to end up with a barb wire tattoo in your 40s.  It would be a latin saying about experience.  Far less likely to spend a weekend drunk on bad booze crying ‘i love you MAN’ than in your teenage years, more likely it’ll be a red wine headache and self reflection with “i love you soooo dearly’.

I have a dear friend who is embarking on an incredible journey in her 40’s. KMA is climbing Mt. Washington every month this year.  She’s blogging about it here and would love some comments and followers.  Please check it out….  THIS is what the 40’s bring you.  The ability to reflect and look forward with the experience of 40 years behind you but years ahead of you to make things happen and the wisdom to go for it now instead of waiting for ‘later’.  I love being 40 and I love that I’ve surrounded myself with strong, amazing, adventurous women who know that the brass ring is there for the grabbing (still sound dirty).

6 Responses to “Grab the brass ring…”

  1. Kathy said

    I loved turning forty but decided to stay at forty it’s more fun!

  2. Kristinma said

    Today’s post is brought to you by the number 40!

    But Allie hon, we do this year after year. It’s been at least what – 11 years now that I’m turning 29.
    I should think you’d know enough to get it right. But then again, doesn’t one’s memory begin that
    slow fade in the 40th year… hmmm?

    Thanks for the plug. (That sounds dirtier than your brass ring!) The link. Whatever.
    I’m going to eat my egg and go to the gym. Endurance training, for all that shopping you know.

    xx kma

  3. Beth said

    I turn 40 this year in June. I made a commitment to myself to be at my all-time healthiest by that date. I am working out harder than ever, eating my vegetables, and making time with my friends a priority. Just the thought of turning 40 has already inspired my “awakening.” Have a great 40th year.

  4. seplowingermany said

    I have loved my 40’s.Finally feel comfortable with who I am and what I want.

  5. I want to write a book in my 40’s. Or maybe right before I turn 40. I feel you’re old enough to have a say-so by then…and before that no one should take you seriously. LOL. (Note: I’m 25….so…yeah.)

  6. A2Z said

    I dont remember my 40’s. I had one child when I was 36 and the other at 38. It was impossible to have a mid-life crisis. I went back to work full time at age 50 as an elementary school teacher. No time to reflect and blogging is almost a full-time job! Thanks for dropping by!


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