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Posted by Allison on January 14, 2010

What a wild ride THAT was.   Yesterday was the most amazing blog day I’ve ever had.  I think before yesterday the most visits I’d had in one day was 175.  Yesterday (and today cause of the over seas thing) I have over 2100 visitors to my blog and 484 comments.  I couldn’t keep up with the “ding” of a new messages in my inbox.  It was overwhelming, exhilarating and now I’m hungry for more.  I suppose the SITS girls did something I didn’t realize I needed, kicked me in the ass.  I’ve wanted to expand my readership and yesterday I did.  There are new followers (HI NEW FOLLOWERS) and random drop bys (HI RANDOM DROP BYS) and hopefully I can take this hugely motivating experience and start building up my blog as I should be.  The comments yesterday showed me one thing, it’s not just my mother in law who likes reading what I have to say (HI MARION!)  Today feels a little like being the last girl on the bench at the brothel  but that’s okay becuse Regina is having her moment in the sun.  (people who use metaphors….)

So now I’m going to go back and read some of those inventive ways that SITS been putting up for ages to drive up traffic to your blog that before I just thought “meh” and now I can’t wait to go through.  I’m also going to look at a few ideas for beautifying up the place….At least I got one thing accomplished yesterday between the comment love and the self indulgence of lying on the couch reading how great I am….I finished Nadia’s Bella Mitts…

Ta da!

They are VERY dense so will probably take awhile to dry after I block them so I’m going to sew in the ends and block them today.  With any luck Nadia will be wearing them to school tomorrow.

Funny aside, my mother who is a delightful and spunky 81 years old, called me last night.  I was so excited I tried to explain SITS and all the fabulousness that was yesterday.  She listened very patiently then remarked that maybe she should get a blog.  Are they available in Canada?  I said yes, they are on the internet right next to the email.

20 Responses to “Crickets……”

  1. BLOGitse said

    LOL! My mother is soon 80 but she’s not at all interested about internet, blogging etc.
    she knits! I don’t! 🙂

    Commenting is the only way to get and keep traffic – I know! and it’s hard work! 🙂

    Have a great day even if the glory is fading…If you need a break come and have a look how it looks in Cairo! 🙂

  2. There are a few grannies who blog! You should get your mother into it!

    Sounds like the SITS day was a success – I am that person who arrives late!

    And I love the mitts! Fantastic!

  3. Angie said


    You have to send me the pattern for those mitts! They are so awesome!! How long did it take you to knit them? Congrats on the blog traffic. You are a fabulous writer!


  4. Allison said

    My mother has mastered (and I use the term lightly) email AND Skype. I think blogging is a bit much to ask….
    Angie I posted the pattern link on SIW

  5. Caroline said

    Glad you had a great SITS day. You deserved it . . . traffic will die down, but I think I will stick around for a while . . . .

    • Allison said

      Okay, but lets just assume I’ll offend you at some point and get that over with….after that we’ll get along fine!

  6. Cheryl said

    Your mother in law is adorable 🙂 I think maybe after my quilting escapades I might try making some of those mitts too! BUT first, my quilting escapades 🙂 Which yea, won’t appear on my blog for another like 2 months probably. I’m a bad crafter 😉

  7. I love how you have the title of your blog crickets…thats hilarious. Good luck on growing your blog. It is very cute so it should n’t be hard!

  8. Paul Wynn said

    Hey not only is the community helping but your content is great as well!

  9. Congrats…
    I know the day after is kind of tough after being SAUCY… & talk about hits… WOW.. I was featured blog last year when there were like 3oo followers… I want to be featured AGAIN… LOL
    Can’t wait to read more from you! : )

  10. lynda said

    490! wow that is exciting. I laughed at your mother’s comments “blogs in Canada” what ever will they think of next. My husband’s 85 year old uncle has been bugging me for months to ‘hook’ him up with the ‘internet’. I am not sure he even knows what it is.. and know for sure he has no computer or wifi. As he is struggling with the TV remote control.. I am avoiding.

    Love the mittens.. are they Bella mittens as in Twilight Bella?

  11. Priscilla said

    Hey not a problem for stopping by! I know what its like to be unnoticed on the interwebs!

  12. Margaret said

    Glad you had a great SIT’s day! I started following you yesterday! I love your writing.

  13. Molly said

    Well you deserve it! You have a great blog!

  14. Love your blog. I think you are too funny girl. You deserved to be the feature blog- congrats! Hope to keep in touch as I am following you now. Who knows, maybe I will get to be featured someday!

  15. Had a nice read in this blog, particularly interested in your Mommy’s awakened interest for blogging. I’m 63 and still up. Go tell her. My first great read.

  16. Well, it seems your SITS day was a resounding success! And you managed to finish a pair of mittens? That in itself is an accomplishment of great proportions in my book. Hey, if I manage to get myself to the local drugstore and buy a pair of $5 stretchy gloves it’s success in my book! =)
    PS – Stopping by from SITS, but will checking in with ya regularly! All ’cause I want to. =)

  17. Jen said

    Ha!!! I love your mom’s response! How cute is that??

    The mittens look great!! I hope to one day be as good of a knitter as you! I am so glad you enjoyed your SITS day! I am patiently waiting for mine!! 🙂

  18. I love your mum’s comment! And the mittens look perfect 🙂

  19. Ha ha ha – so cute! Clever answer.

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