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Well I thought THIS would be easier…

Posted by Allison on January 16, 2010

I KNOW I’m a bit of a freak.  I GET that when I start something I tend to go ‘all in’ from the beginning.  So my SITs day was on Wednesday and I have over 500 comments.  I want to personally respond to each one.  I have just over 200 left to go.  But I keep stopping and looking around and finding all the brilliant blogging people!  I can’t stop reading their stories and checking out their pictures.  I should be just jumping over, leaving a comment and boom moving on.   It’s just not that easy.  I REALLY thought there would be a few sites I would want to book mark, there would be a couple of sites I would follow but seriously?  And don’t get me started on Twitter!  What a never ending time waster THAT can be..first I have to see each new followers tweets, right?  That’s normal…then I have to see if we follow any of the same people, are you with me?  Then some of the people they follow look kind of interesting,  OH! and who’s this?  I didn’t know so and so was on twitter!  Before I know it an hour has passed since I started commenting on SITs girls sites and I have to start dinner!  I’ve easily found at least 50 people I want to know more about and another 100 I want to be real life friends with…OH and here’s a shocking thing!! Do you have any idea how many people are into YOGA, KNITTING, and RED WINE?!?!?!  I mean, I could see a bunch of yogini’s or even a bunch of knitters but the fact that there are so many people with these exact 3 interests is hilarious!

So what this long horribly boring paragraph is trying to say is if you are a SITS girl and coming back to visit me THANK YOU!  My daily visits are way up and I’m extremely grateful.  If you left a comment, and I haven’t come by, don’t worry I’m coming!  If you stumbled across my blog because you searched “knitting’, “yoga”, “chin hair” (i get a lot of chin hair searchers) or “butt dimples” I’m usually MUCH wittier but I’m in a commenting DAZE.  but as God is my witness I will finishing visiting EVERY COMMENTER from SITS TODAY!!!!!

To be fair, this would be MUCH easier if you people weren’t so frickin’ brilliant.

9 Responses to “Well I thought THIS would be easier…”

  1. It may be taking longer than you expected, but it’s always nice to find new friends… right? 🙂

  2. Wow! I am impressed that you are responding to every comment! Isn’t it crazy how these blogs can just suck you in?!?!? I wish I was better at making time for Yoga. And finding money to pay for a class. It is so refreshing! Have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by MY blog!

  3. michelle said

    Hi there. Know what you mean about wanting to respond to each individual who left some love. It took me a week, but I finally managed to stop reading (and following) new blogs long enough to get through them all. It really is nice to know that “out there” somewhere, there are hundreds and thousands of us doing the exact same thing, but just slightly different. Take care.

  4. Kathy said

    Congrats on such a response….relax and enjoy your weekend!

  5. lynda said

    How much fun! I am not into Knitting..and I have dabbled in Yoga.. but I LOVE LOVE LOVE me some red wine. Wonder if there will be a German Expat Blogger meetup this year… Bring on the Red Wine.

    Ps.. Loved the 2 comments… and I had friends telling me to read the Twilight books for years (not me.. I don’t read such rubbish.).. I finally picked up the 1st book just before Xmas 2008.. read it without stopping.. promptly ordered the next 3…sat on the front doorstep until they arrived and therefore, Xmas 2008 is refered to as ‘the Xmas that Lulu was there.. but didn’t talk to anyone.

  6. Lourie said

    It takes me all day to sift through blogs I read, new ones, comments, etc. Of course this is with stops for chores, kids, meals, and life. Some days I am gone all day and I feel like I am ignoring all my cyber pals. Isn’t that funny? Thanks for stopping by my blog and Happy SITS Sharefest Day!

  7. Tanya said

    Hey Girl!

    Thanks SO much for stopping by my blog! I am totally new to the blogging scene, but really wanted a button and a header that I could call my own. I followed this link to a tutorial on how to make a header using Picasa (a free software program by google – it’s so easy!)

    When it came time to making the button, I also used Picasa, and then resized the image when I was saving it, to 160. (This should make more sense if you go to the above link).

    For the little box where you put the html code for someone to grab your button was a little tricky, and I had to try a bunch of different codes before I found one that worked for me, but I used the link below’s example for the html code:

    I found both of these links simply by googling “how to make a blog header / how to make a blog button,” The internet is such an amazing resource isn’t it?!

    Thanks again for stopping by!


    P.S. I couldn’t find your e-mail on your page, or I would’ve just e-mailed this response to you. Just some friendly advice, may want to put a “contact me” link on your sidebar, just in case 😉

  8. Lesley said

    I know exactly what you mean about wanting to respond to each and every comment lol!
    I think SITS days have to be an exception to the rule. It was intresting reading your blog and I could feel your passion for life. Keep blogging and enjoy your SITS day! No pressure to respond lol!

  9. Cheryl said

    Nice, I felt similarly when I first got involved with SITS. I was like “oh, I won’t bookmark them all.” Now I went out of town for the weekend and have MILLIONS (ok 53, I’m still a newbie) of entries on my google reader when I get back!

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