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Nobody puts Baby in the corner!

Posted by Allison on May 9, 2007

There are things about myself that I keep hidden from the world.  My sick love for Dirty Dancing is NOT one of them.  I watch this movie several times a year.  I can quote verbatim almost every scene from beginning to end.  I do believe if hard pressed I could do the entire end dance (baby’s part cause i AM Baby)  So imagine my surprise when I heard that none other than PATRICK SWAYZE is in my fair city!  The filming of some Christmas movie is taking place at West Edmonton Mall over the last month or so and he is in it!  The other day while shopping at Old Navy and getting mad at the l clerks for their bad customer service I did see Chris Katten walking around the mall but this is a different kind of excitement!   Johnny is in EDMONTON!  I wonder if I just ran towards him and flung myself into his arm a la Jennifer Grey if he would catch me?  Mind you the poor dear is like 54 or something now, he probably needs his strength for other things….

And please pray for me, the likelihood if I see him in person that I will start quoting lines from the movie is pretty high…maybe I’ll even be able to throw in a few lines from The Outsiders at the same time, where as Darry he brillantly said to Ponyboy in the hospital scene…. “I thought we lost you, like we lost Mom and Dad”.

don’t judge me.

2 Responses to “Nobody puts Baby in the corner!”

  1. Sharon said

    LOL about your Dirty Dancing lurve.
    My birthday was last week (the 3rd.) Well, it just so happened that Dirty Dancing, the most fabulous movie of all time, was playing earlier in the week in THE THEATER to celebrate it’s 20th anniversary. Oh my goodness. Could there be any better gift than getting to see Mr. Swayze on the big screen, tight jeans and all, dancing with Baby. Nope. Best birthday gift. Ever.

  2. […] time blog readers you know my ’slight’ obsession with all things Dirty Dancing and my brief brush with “Johnny” when he was in Edmonton last year filming a movie.  My son Em, just […]

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