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Birthday Bounty

Posted by Allison on May 2, 2007

Okay, so as I write this I’m rather pissed that my blog is taking away from some quality knitting time…why you ask….because my birthday was a bounty of knitting not to be rivaled…and I need to get back to it!

The list.

1. ball winder (oldest kid who wrapped and put his name of the gift this step dad bought for me and took full credit)

2. swift (he who shall not talk but took his Winnie the pooh card back after i opened it)

3. the new Harlot book (my sweet fd who picked it out after dh told her what she was buying me)

4. Pandora charms (an S and 2 spacers) (from hubby because he knows what gifts will get him the best return)

5. Set for Life lotto tickets (hubby cause if i win big, he can golf every day)

6. A gift cert to the LYS (my inlaws ROCK and lucky for me they think that contributing to my addiction is a good thing)

Oh and then in the mail today another enabler sent me the nicest wool…. and luckily it need to be spun into a ball so I’ll get to use items 1 and 2 before the end of the week.

Want pics….then come clean my damn house, I can’t find it.

One Response to “Birthday Bounty”

  1. Knitwhit said

    Happy Birthday Ally, girl!

    What great presents you received!!! We all know how I had to get those things. And now I have lots of them and rarely use them for my own pleasure. Sucks.

    Re previous post and the hair thing, I’m 52 and STILL waiting to find the perfect haircut for my thinning quasi-colored locks. Glad you found a solution. I said just yesterday that if everyone were just bald I’d be a happy girl. Is that my ‘greener’? Egad.

    But the real BEAUTY of getting older, the thing that I really and truly LOVE about it — (and frankly, babe, you got a ways to go yet. Late 30’s? Puh-leeese.) — is that I don’t care if people (men) look any more. I don’t CARE if there’s someone thinner in the room. Oh, sometimes I find myself a little taken aback when that tall, thin, pimple-less, long-haired thang walks close to me. But then I hear myself say, Hey, you had your time. It’s her turn. And that’s finally okay with me.

    Happy birthday, again.


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