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A Cowboy, yoga pants, Walmart and balls of steel.

Posted by Allison on October 1, 2013

As requested here is the story of how I met my Cowboy.  It’s funny, so many people say ‘when you stop looking’ or ‘when you least expect it’ but no one actually believes all that bullshit.  But it is true, in this case it is so very very true.  Look here’s my boyfriend!  i love him, such a cutie!


So I was sitting in my basement suite with my 2 kids, I was happy and I was grateful that I had been out of my year of hell.  Living with the ex had been extremely painful and I knew that I had turned a corner.  I wasn’t lonely, I had my kids and I lived with one of the bestest friend a girl could ask for….BUT, there’s always a but isn’t there….BUT I wanted more.  i wanted to date.  I had started doing a little online dating and let me tell you, it was a big fat “meh”.  I had met a few guys but nothing earth shattering.  I didn’t necessarily think I was ready for a relationship but I was ready to be treated like a woman instead of a Mom.

Anyway, one day I was sitting with the kids and they really wanted to have a ‘movie night’.  I wasn’t really in the mood but what can you do.  And it was more than ‘not in the mood’ I was actually quite down.  So down in fact that I said we could go to Walmart but I wasn’t changing out of my pajama pants.   The ONLY reason that I finally changed from pajama pants to black yoga pants was the look of utter horror on my kids faces.   So off we went.  We weren’t in Walmart 10 minutes when I started to feel better.  We were going up and down the aisles laughing and having a good time.  I remembered that I wanted to see a Keurig coffee maker but I had just passed the aisle so I did a quick turn around.  That is when I first say the Cowboy.  He was coming up behind us and because I stopped short he was startled.  He sort of ran into an aisle and knocked some items over.  I made some weird joke about it and off we went.  I mean I noticed him, but nothing major.  As we went through the huge Walmart I saw him a few more times.  I notice what he was wearing.  I noticed that he was CLEARLY single (acid wash pants and a bad cowboy mustache/beard thing that no woman would agree to) and I noticed that he had the kindest blue eyes.

(this is us on the road to Thunder Bay we smile a LOT when we’re together cause we are both so damn happy!)


When we were finally over at the DVDs looking for a movie there he was again.  I was teasing and chatting with the kids when he said to me “you seem like you would be a lot of fun”.  I replied “oh yes!  I am!”.  I thought that was it.  I was a little flirty but I was with my kids in the middle of Walmart so no more than normal.  After getting some  hor d’oeuvres for the night we headed to the check out.  To be completely on the up and up I did see him in the next check out and purposely didn’t go to that one. You see I didn’t want to look desperate or like I was trying to pick up some random dude in the Walmart.  ( i mean REALLY who does that?) So I went to the one next to his.  I put the items on the conveyor belt and waited to pay, chatting with the kids while trying not to stare at the back of the dude’s head.   Did I mention that he had on a REALLY bad white cowboy hat?  Sheesh.  Clearly no woman in this guys life. And the mustache…soooooo bad.  Anyway, as I stood there he was finished paying for his items and was about to leave.  Oh well, there goes THAT opportunity, right?  And then it happened.  This weirdly dressed Cowboy with the kindest eyes just walked up to me, gave me a piece of paper and said “i hope to hear from you sometime’ and walked out of Walmart.  I stood there for a second with  my mouth hanging open.  Then I looked at the cashier in shock.  Then I looked at the two old women in line behind me in shock.  For the first time in 44 years I was completely speechless.  The cashier looked at me and said “did that just happen?”  We all laughed.  My kids were in shock, mostly my daughter who could NOT believe that someone (anyone) would find her old mom worthy of such a huge pick up.  Ha ha.

When we got to the car I read the piece of paper, it simply read his name and his phone number.  My daughter told me, “mom, even if you don’t go out with that guy you HAVE to call cause man, that took BALLS”.   How right she was….and how glad I am that I called.  That first night we spent hours on the phone.  Over the next while that Cowboy from Walmart wined and dined me.  He bought me flowers and made me dinners.  He took me out and he did everything in his power to make sure I knew all about him.  He heard my story and understood that the most important thing he could do is allow me to get to know him.  Trust is my number one issue and what I got from my cowboy was nothing but an open book.  Any question I asked, he answered.  No matter how difficult the questions were he was 100% honest.

And THAT is how I met my Cowboy.  Even now I get butterflies when I see him come in the room. Every time he comes off the road I am excited and thrilled that he is coming home to ME!  And once a week since the very first week we met I get a phone call from the florist saying “hi it’s the florist are you home for your delivery?”.  yes, every week since we’ve been together this sweet, strange, funny Cowboy sends me a bouquet of flowers.  Here are the flowers that arrived for me today!


Lucky? yes!  Spoiled? yes! And guess what?  I totally deserve this shit.   If you have any doubt let me refer you back a couple of summers.  Trust me, I KNOW how fortunate I am.  I am beyond grateful that this awesome Cowboy took all his courage and wrote his number on a little slip of paper in the middle of Walmart.

Ok seriously NEXT post is about our cross country trip to Thunder Bay…..maybe….

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To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar

Posted by Allison on March 5, 2008

I’m really really really trying not to read all the ‘fake’ news about Patrick Swayze and just listen to the real news. yeah for all you long time blog readers you know my ‘slight’ obsession with all things Dirty Dancing and my brief brush with “Johnny” when he was in Edmonton last year filming a movie. My son Em, just finished The Outsiders in English class and I was screaming out phrases from the movie with him just a couple days ago in the car. “I thought we lost you like we lost mom & dad” classic. I’m such a child of the 80’s that this news just makes me so sad.



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Aunty M Aunty M…

Posted by Allison on May 17, 2007

Okay a little flash back there…. I’m actually inspired some days. Today is a Judy Garland day, okay not really. My REAL inspiration for the post comes from my bestest blogging friend Marin of AntiM and the Rickety Blog (hence the Wizard of Oz reference) The other day during one of her blog posts she listed some search terms people use to find their way to her blog! So I thought “wow, someone has too much time on her hands” and went about my very busy life. I have WAY too much of an interesting life to resort to this sort of tomfoolery. Did you not see the blog from Tuesday? There was knitting mentioned, there was penises (peni?) mentioned. I’m CLEARLY much more ‘with it’ that the lovely  albeit completely boring Marin (shut up it’s MY fantasy life)…..and then I started wondering ‘what do people search for when they end up here’ and here people is where the whole things comes off the rails.  Here’s what’s come up lately……

jlo’s natural hair morning (I assume I wrote about my love of natural hair, how the hell JLO got into it, I have no idea)
hip mom (natch)
allison sim, blog (I have a stalker! I have a stalker! I’ve decided that said stalker is Lenny Kravitz….he wants me, I know it, he knows it.  Hi Lenny!)
naked hip pack (I can’t imagine why those things go together)
gauge simple knitted bodice (oh lord, if they knew how off my gauge was on my SKB they would run away from my blog screaming like a little girl)
cooking mama nintendo ds front cover (what?)
pandora charms edmonton (I do love me some pandora charms)
“patrick swayze” edmonton christmas (nobody puts baby in the corner!)

I also found out that she has a lot of readers. I do not. I have several. I think people come by to giggle at me, similar to the surpressed giggles I tend to get at car accidents and funerals (don’t ask). But she’s still my imaginary best blog buddy and someday I’m going to go and meet her and drink beer and explain to her the secret to making friends as an adult. I know the secret, I’m just keeping it from her so she’ll still hang out here.

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Knitting porn….

Posted by Allison on May 10, 2007

I never posted a picture of the first pair of socks I did on circs.  I’m very impressed with the method and thrilled at how portable the socks are!  Thanks to my secret pal I am now an official socks on circs knitter!


The socks don’t technically fit anyone in the household because I didn’t worry about gauge or anything, I was just trying to figure out how the whole thing works!  ANd now that I know how it works I’m on my second pair…….


Oh and day one of Project Swayze watch was a complete bust….but I”m going to the mall today to finish up some shopping for dh’s birthday so I’m hoping to run into him. (hopefully before I pick up dh’s present in case Patrick asks me to run away with him)

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Nobody puts Baby in the corner!

Posted by Allison on May 9, 2007

There are things about myself that I keep hidden from the world.  My sick love for Dirty Dancing is NOT one of them.  I watch this movie several times a year.  I can quote verbatim almost every scene from beginning to end.  I do believe if hard pressed I could do the entire end dance (baby’s part cause i AM Baby)  So imagine my surprise when I heard that none other than PATRICK SWAYZE is in my fair city!  The filming of some Christmas movie is taking place at West Edmonton Mall over the last month or so and he is in it!  The other day while shopping at Old Navy and getting mad at the l clerks for their bad customer service I did see Chris Katten walking around the mall but this is a different kind of excitement!   Johnny is in EDMONTON!  I wonder if I just ran towards him and flung myself into his arm a la Jennifer Grey if he would catch me?  Mind you the poor dear is like 54 or something now, he probably needs his strength for other things….

And please pray for me, the likelihood if I see him in person that I will start quoting lines from the movie is pretty high…maybe I’ll even be able to throw in a few lines from The Outsiders at the same time, where as Darry he brillantly said to Ponyboy in the hospital scene…. “I thought we lost you, like we lost Mom and Dad”.

don’t judge me.

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