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NOT doing a New Year, New Decade post….

Posted by Allison on January 3, 2010

I don’t DO New Years resolutions. I made the analogy the other day that I believe New Years resolutions are like too small clothes in your closet. Its failure before you put your feet on the ground. There you stand all naked trying to start your day and the first thing that hits you is “i used to be smaller”. All naked and dripping from the shower, standing in front of the mirror and realizing that those smaller clothes are laughing at you. And then you wonder why your self worth is in the toilet. But the sad thing is it’s one of those things that you DON’T realize, you just feel like shit and you don’t know why. Same thing with too big clothes. The expectation that whatever hard work you’ve done to drop those few pounds is really just a momentary glitch. You can’t really maintain it, you know it, your clothes know it. Might as well keep them around for the failure that’s just around the corner. New Years resolutions are notorious for failure, yet every year millions of people start throwing them out there. “i’m going to lose 20 pounds” or “i’m going to save more”. We are suppose to look deep in ourselves and find areas for self improvement but the fact is then when we make those resolutions we are all naked, dripping and vulnerable in front of a mirror with the full knowledge that most likely we won’t be able to do whatever it is we are resolving. And that is how we are choosing to start our new year.
I on the other hand never keep anything in my closet that is too big (unless it’s on it’s way to the tailor because I spent too much on it or it looks too good on me) or too small (because if I lose the weight I deserve new shit not old shit) and every New Years i do resolve to drink more red wine, buy more yarn I don’t need and laugh until I almost pee my pants more. I’ve never got to the end of January without being successful on every one of my resolutions. And THAT’S the way to start a NEW YEAR!

3 Responses to “NOT doing a New Year, New Decade post….”

  1. seplowingermany said

    That is an awesome attitude. A long time ago I adopted a trend of setting goals for myself. Things that I had always wanted to do. Thye could be simple things like drive to the beach in a bikini. This way I ensure that I am living in the moment, moving forward and accomplishing the small but important things.
    Hope that you and your family have a great 2010 and continue to enjoy living in Germany.
    PS: Do you by any chance work out at the Pfitzenmeir in Heidelberg?

    • Allison said

      Thanks for stopping by my humble blog. Maybe I’ll try driving to the beach in a bikini, um, NO! But I like the idea of living in the moment, I think that’s what keeps life interesting. No, I don’t work out at the Pfitzenmeir why, do I have a twin? That would be sooo cool.

      • seplowingermany said

        There is a women who recently started taking the same class that I take on Sunday mornings and she does look a bit like you. I have been tempted to go up to her and ask, but thought I would check it out here before embarrassing myself.

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