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Orphans (and Adoption) deserve better.

Posted by Allison on July 21, 2009

Maybe Hollywood has run out of ideas.  Maybe studio execs care only about the bottom line.  And YES I get that it’s “only a movie” but I really get a bad taste in my mouth over the new movie Orphan.  I’m glad to see that there are others out there that raise their eyebrows.  Would it be acceptable to call movie by some other group name (say Asians) and suggest that this ‘group’ is tainted in the way.  That if you bring one of ‘those’ people into your home your life could be damaged beyond repair.  I don’t know, it just smells bad.

I don’t think that people take this stuff seriously but this is a pretty vunerable group of people and making a movie for profit showing them as damaged just doesn’t make any sense to me.

There are hundreds of thousands of kids trying to find families through the foster care system and there are millions of orphans world wide.

Orphans do deserve better.

One Response to “Orphans (and Adoption) deserve better.”

  1. Ooh, good point! I totally hadn’t thought of that but I definitely agree with you. I won’t see it (but then I wouldn’t anyways b/c I hate scary movies). Good luck with the house hunt. Stopped by from SITS.

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