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Do not covet thy neighbours goods…

Posted by Allison on July 19, 2009

What about your husband’s?  Can you covet thy husband’s new laptop? Besides didn’t George Carlin knocked down the commandments years ago with the explanation about the economy and how if we didn’t covet the neighbours good the world economy would collapse?

A while ago, I started talking about wanting a Mac.  Nothing.  You could hear crickets with all the lack of chatter coming from the husband direction.   Didn’t even remotely register.  And then this new job in Germany.  Turns out the school is an Apple school.  No PC’s allowed on their network.  Brilliant if you ask me, no chance of a virus, don’t get hacked…smart move.  So what does Mr. PC do?  Goes out and buys the sweetest little Macbook.  Damn him!   Okay technically, I’m using it right now to write this post so it’s not like he’s being stingy with it but I was the one that wanted a Macbook and he got his first.  I think Mac survives because of the cute little stuff you can get.  Like the blue hard shell case Scotty picked up yesterday.  Yes, you need a case but Apple goes that step farther by making it see through so you can see the apple on the back of the laptop. Sooooo cute.  I’m sooo getting one next week.

IMG_0118Here’s my daughter the monkey at the park, not only because she’s the cutest mc. cutie pants but because I wanted to see how the new mac did with the pic install…..stupid hubby.

4 Responses to “Do not covet thy neighbours goods…”

  1. Just stopping in from SITS to say hi.
    Your daughter is a cutie!
    Have a great day.


    I do not want anyone else’s stuff or life

    :o) Hope you had a Happy Monday!

  3. lol I think its ok to check out the lap top especially if it has a apple on it you can just say you were hungry

  4. bluecottonmemory said

    Just stopping by from SITS to say,”Hi.” Enjoy the new family Mac! I hear they’re great! Expensive, but great!

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