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Valentines Day weekend is here.

Posted by Allison on February 13, 2009

Ugh, I’m tired.  I must say I’m glad it’s the weekend.  I’m going to drink wine and enjoy it.

The other day I took Elijah to school.  Well everyday I take Elijah to school but on Wednesday I happen to have the camera.  Mr. Magoo was waiting to go into line and I took this picture.


Then his teacher asked which of the boys was sitting ready to go to class with their backpacks on and their best smile….and she got this.   He clearly loves her.


The other day Scott was sitting on the couch when Elijah decided he needed a foot rub.  So he grabbed my foot cream and took it to Daddy.

How cute is THIS…..


He’s just jealous cause Mommy gets a foot rub every night.

3 Responses to “Valentines Day weekend is here.”

  1. erin said

    I miss foot rubs. Maybe Scott can come down sometime soon. LOL!

  2. Shelly said

    Oh! So cute!!

    And I’m totally jealous about the foot rub. 🙂

  3. Kristi said

    I miss that smile. Now all I get is a look that makes me assume I am possessed by the devil and Elijah is the only one that can see it!! When I attempt to joke that I am gonna take him back to room 22 he acts like I said I was gonna murder him!! geez were his room 22 days that bad? I feel so un loved!!

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