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Teacher’s convention…ugh…

Posted by Allison on February 25, 2009

So I have 4 glorious days to spend bonding with my delightful children.  Thursday and Friday are teachers convention and so while Scott is downtown doing all sorts of “professional development” read going for lunch with old friends and getting free pens from the different booths, I will be suffering through hours of ‘mom can i?’ and ‘mom, can we?’ and ‘mom!!!! she’s bugging me’.  You see I go to the 9:15 class in the morning after the kids are in school.  It’s no fuss, no muss and I love it.  With the kids being home I won’t be able to make it.  I can pretend that I’ll go in the evening, but I know me.  I’ll never miss Thursday night tv to sweat for 90 minutes.  JOHN CARTER is on for god’s sake!

I think this calls for a new knitting project!  And no, I see no reason to go downstairs and pick something that is here.  I’m going to the LYS.  I think I”m going to make a pair of Monkey Socks but with the No Purl variation.

One Response to “Teacher’s convention…ugh…”

  1. Kristi said

    John Carter was awesome.. do u think the name of that show “T minus 6” means there is only 6 episodes left? that makes me very very sad. And I would have offered to come babysit the kidlets of a small (ok large) fee so you could go to yoga. I would do that for u. and the money…..

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