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You can tell it’s fall when…

Posted by Allison on September 30, 2013

DAMMIT, I turned the heat on.   I really did try to hold out until October first but I just couldn’t make it.   It’s dipping around 0 C overnights and I just can’t.  In fact I even broke out the fuzzy socks over the weekend.  Signs of Fall are everywhere in my little town, the leaves are falling and our last walk down by the river there were more leaves on the ground than on the trees.  So sad.  BUT there are good parts to the change in seasons and the first one is the crock pot is back out!



I love cooking in the crock but during the spring and summer I never do.  I find it too much to have the smells of supper going all day long while it’s hot in the house.  To me, the crock is for fall and winter meals.  I’m trying out a new recipe for chicken & dumplings today very excited.  The rest of this week will be different types of soup.  Loaded baked potato soup is on the menu for tomorrow.  Wonton soup for Wednesday and Cauliflower soup on Thursday.  Miss Thing is getting braces on tomorrow so I decided to try out a bunch of soup recipes while her poor mouth heals up from the application.

I must mention again how much I LOVE my little town and my  new house.   This is me standing behind the hedge sneaking a picture of my youngest crossing the street from the school to the house.   I love living across the street and hearing the bell ring so I can watch the kids come home.



Minutes before this was the scene as I chatted with an old friend on the phone.  I heard the busses pull up and went out and snapped the pic of Mr. Magoo crossing the street.



Cowboy truly has changed everything about our lives but the whole ‘house across the street from the school thing’ is utter brilliance.   We still go back and forth about why this is the best house, he would have loved to be in the country I know, he REALLY wanted an acreage or a farm.  When it’s minus 30 and I don’t have to get the kids to the school bus at 7:00 in the morning while it’s dark and windy, I’m going to be less likely to smother him with a pillow.   He’ll thank me later.  Plus the kids will NEVER have to worry about the busses not running, or there being a snow day…bwahahahaha.

Lastly here’s Elijah doing a “happy dance”.  We take picture for a lot of things, this was to celebrate the last day of shorts for the year (i’m not even kidding) and yes those are croc -like sandals on his feet.  I’ve lost that battle as well.  I swear this kid is beyond the funniest person I know.  My instructions were “dance like you have rhythm”.  I got this…



Next blog post is our trip to Thunder Bay…only a month and a half late!


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