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In Case of Emergency….break glass.

Posted by Allison on April 18, 2008

Sometimes there are exercises in futility that I just make me shake my head.  It’s time for our yearly ‘assessment’ to continue our fostering license.   Because we’re in a new house there is a lot less than in the older home where apparently there were dangers EVERYWHERE (eye roll). So although I haven’t killed off any of my biological children I spend a day going through the house to make sure I’m not endangering the life of “N”.  Of course this could be achieved by placing her in a giant bubble and communicating through flashcards which if I have to cover one more electrical socket may just happen.  So everyone knows that my beloved Elijah is a bit of a ‘challenge’.  He’s not the mainstream type of kid, he’s the fling him off the nearest bridge type of kid.  He LOVES pulling out the plastic covers from electrical sockets.  He’s been doing it since he was 1.  The very covers that the government insists I put on for the safety of a NINE YEAR OLD, my little bugger pulls out for sport.  But here’s the kicker, he doesn’t care about the sockets unless they have covers on them.  The only time he plays any where near them is the week leading up to my ‘safety assessment’ when I frantically run behind him replacing the stupid plastic SAFETY covers.  I’ve mentioned to my social worker that if a nine year old sticks something in a socket it’s called ‘learning by process’ if my four year old ends up dangling over the lion cage at the local zoo suddenly I’m the rotten parent.

Do NOT get me started on the Emergency Exit map and Fire Drill practice that may in fact cause permanent injury.

Now where did I put the “medicinal elixir”.

One Response to “In Case of Emergency….break glass.”

  1. Marin said

    Drink your way to better mental health, my friend.

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