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Why I love Julia….

Posted by Allison on November 28, 2007

I have loved Julia Roberts as stated several times, most recently in my Why God hates Santa rant.

On Oprah the other day I watched her with Tom Hanks as they were plugging their new movie Charlie Wilson’s War . She is just the most refreshing person in hollyweird. I imagine that going to her house would be very comforting, very real, very unglamorous. Yes their stove would probably be worth more than my car but I picture her as being very grounded. One day I’d like to meet her…maybe while I’m knitting in an airport she’ll come by and we’ll have a chat…I’d like her to know how much I like her. I’d like this to happen in a way that doesn’t entail me getting a restraining order put out against me but if it happens, meh.

The best client meeting EVER happened for me today (now yesterday cause I forgot to publish this post). I usually like the people I work with, we usually get along. I’m not in this for just the money so it’s important for me to really like the people that I’m going to spend quality ‘home buying’ time with. I met someone that I HAVE to work with for a while. Why you ask…because technically they aren’t buying for a few months. Other realtors would pawn them off, put them on a list to call later and leave it at that…not me. This girl is a girl after my own heart. We had a conversation in which she used the term ‘that’s how i roll’ without skipping a beat. She has muppet figurines that she displays in her livingroom AND is crafty. But the absolute best part about meeting her was her reason for moving. Her new husband and her moved to the city a while ago…they didn’t know the city….they rented a place at a time when the rental market was really strapped. So they aren’t in the worse part of town, but they aren’t in the best. That would be okay I think except……their next door neighbour is um….how do I put this delicately….he’s an ‘in charge’ kind of guy. He’s a ‘top dog’ type of guy. he’s a ‘controlling the situation’ type of guy. okay i’ll just spell it out. her next door neighbour is a practising BDSM guy….as in she spends every night listening to the most explicit sexual romps that you can imagine. Spankings and whips and chains, the whole kit and caboodle……And what does she do? She goes next door, knocks on his door and says ‘buddy, when you brush your teeth, i can hear you. and EVERYTHING that you do that is louder than brushing your teeth, i can hear that too’. I think I love her. This is what she told me when I asked when they were hoping to move. She is now a friend AND a client.

Oh… Secret Pal package.  here’s the list of great stuff…..when Scottie gets home maybe he can get the half eaten camera to take pictures…

  • The Knitting Answer book by Margaret Radcliffe…hmm I’ve tried  thinking of crazy knitting questions, they are ALL in there.  I had to run downstairs to one of my knitting bags to get it because I’m already using it all the time.
  • SheepStrings Felted Purse pattern #707 and two skeins of Cabin Fever Wool in a Cottage Colours called Fireplace.
  • Vanilla Sugar body butter by Sparesource
  • SimplyBasic Vanilla bean Hand creme (once again had to go get it from my purse i’m already using it)
  • Dyed in the Wool Handmade sock yarn in Gourd  Times  You MUST go to this site if only to see the company Logo…  Oh and the yarn is GORGEOUS! I believe that I’m going to knit MYSELF a pair of socks with this one.
  • Set of 16 notecards with beautiful flowers on the front. Very pretty and perfectly in line for the new me who is trying be more diligent about sending out real cards to real friends to keep in touch.
  • And in the cute category, a Keychain Sock Blocker. I’m totally knitting a sock for it…as soon as Christmas is over.

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