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Let the MADNESS begin!

Posted by Allison on March 15, 2007

Today is the day!  The beginning of the NCAA Basketball tourney!  I’ve been watching this tournament since I was in elementary school and playing hookie to see key games.  This year like every other I have a bracket on yahoo and we are playing are little yearly game of who can make the most points.  Every year my beloved husband and cherished brother try in vain to beat me.  Every year they scour the headlines, listen to sports radio and watch the weekend selection shows in hopes that there will be some hint as to what teams they should pick.  And every year, I go with my heart.  I pick based on cuteness of players and team colours. I pick because of places I’ve lived and places I’d like to visit. I pick based on the sound of the top players names. Every year I pick the most outlandish Cinderella team.  And every year I kick their sorry little asses!

 This year will be no different.  Not because they don’t put in a valiant effort.  Not because in their own way they aren’t trying very hard.  But for one reason and one reason only….

They are losers.

One Response to “Let the MADNESS begin!”

  1. Knitwhit said

    I am likin’ this new blog look!!!!!

    And since when are there words like “bracketeria”???

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