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Help the needy….

Posted by Allison on January 22, 2014

So I love my Cowboy.  He’s a rockstar in so many ways.  Our dryer broke the other day and before you could blink he had that son of a bitch in a million pieces, found the broken fuse thing a ma bob and had it up and running.  THAT my friends is dead sexy.  All my life I’ve gone for the intellectual conversationalist with a dry and witty sense of humor.  Turns out those guys can’t usually hold a screw driver without almost putting an eye out.  But a Cowboy truck driver who not only doesn’t care about the difference between there, their and they’re but will roll his eyes and say “darlin’ I can’t imagine why that matters even a little bit” when I go off on some spelling error as I’m reading facebook.    Yeah, that guy?  He’ll  jump on the roof and fix all that is broken in your house without breaking a sweat.   Now maybe that’s a huge generalization but it’s what i’ve found in my short and varied experience with men.  I think men in the Olden Days used to be more well rounded.   They learnt how to do shit with their hands more.


There is an area that my dear sweet man fall far short.  I think we all remember the mutton chop fiasco that was his attempt at beard growing.  No?  Well when I met dear Cowboy he was sporting what can only be described as an ‘unfortunate’ beard/mustache combo.  He also owns a collection of Harley Davidson t-shirts that is envied the world over.  Envied by whom I have no idea but that can be the only answer as the dude has HUNDREDS of them.  So the other day as I was looking at my beloved Cowboy as he stood at the door I was pretty happy.  There he stood with a collared flannel workshirt, a vest and long leather jacket.  He had on dark denim and a pair of black cowboy boots.  Topping off the outfit was a black cowboy hat.  He looked frickin’ gorgeous and I told him so.  His response?  Oh darlin’ I’ve always dressed like this!  Um what?  No.  No. No.  I DID THIS!  YOU were a cheap bugger who just bought anything in bulk that you thought looked ‘cowboyish’.   You saw nothing wrong with buying $10 light denim jeans at Walmart because they fit and were TEN DOLLARS.  I classed you up you crazy Cowboy.  Do not make me go all crazy on your ass.  And by crazy I mean post proof positive on my blog so others can laugh and judge you from afar.

Here is what my sweet man looks like NOW after we had the conversation about how I don’t want to change him per se but that he needed to spend a little bit on his clothes so he didn’t look homeless.  This look makes me go weak in the kness and is likely to have me rippin’ a Cowboy’s clothes off before we can get out the door.


This is the shirt he was trying to convince me was a dress up shirt that would be completely acceptable going out with me and my friends.


This is (WAS) his FAVOURITE dress shirt.  And YES the horses go all the way around for maximum effect.  Oh and it’s short sleeved.  He had the decency to look at least a tad ashamed when he asked if this would work for a function we were attending.


All that is wrong in the world can be described in this sweatshirt. What i’m not going to go to the mall with you while you wear a grey crew neck sweatshirt with a bull on it?  I’m as shocked as you are!


So yes, he is dressing exactly as he did before we met, if by exactly you mean not at all.

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A Cowboy, yoga pants, Walmart and balls of steel.

Posted by Allison on October 1, 2013

As requested here is the story of how I met my Cowboy.  It’s funny, so many people say ‘when you stop looking’ or ‘when you least expect it’ but no one actually believes all that bullshit.  But it is true, in this case it is so very very true.  Look here’s my boyfriend!  i love him, such a cutie!


So I was sitting in my basement suite with my 2 kids, I was happy and I was grateful that I had been out of my year of hell.  Living with the ex had been extremely painful and I knew that I had turned a corner.  I wasn’t lonely, I had my kids and I lived with one of the bestest friend a girl could ask for….BUT, there’s always a but isn’t there….BUT I wanted more.  i wanted to date.  I had started doing a little online dating and let me tell you, it was a big fat “meh”.  I had met a few guys but nothing earth shattering.  I didn’t necessarily think I was ready for a relationship but I was ready to be treated like a woman instead of a Mom.

Anyway, one day I was sitting with the kids and they really wanted to have a ‘movie night’.  I wasn’t really in the mood but what can you do.  And it was more than ‘not in the mood’ I was actually quite down.  So down in fact that I said we could go to Walmart but I wasn’t changing out of my pajama pants.   The ONLY reason that I finally changed from pajama pants to black yoga pants was the look of utter horror on my kids faces.   So off we went.  We weren’t in Walmart 10 minutes when I started to feel better.  We were going up and down the aisles laughing and having a good time.  I remembered that I wanted to see a Keurig coffee maker but I had just passed the aisle so I did a quick turn around.  That is when I first say the Cowboy.  He was coming up behind us and because I stopped short he was startled.  He sort of ran into an aisle and knocked some items over.  I made some weird joke about it and off we went.  I mean I noticed him, but nothing major.  As we went through the huge Walmart I saw him a few more times.  I notice what he was wearing.  I noticed that he was CLEARLY single (acid wash pants and a bad cowboy mustache/beard thing that no woman would agree to) and I noticed that he had the kindest blue eyes.

(this is us on the road to Thunder Bay we smile a LOT when we’re together cause we are both so damn happy!)


When we were finally over at the DVDs looking for a movie there he was again.  I was teasing and chatting with the kids when he said to me “you seem like you would be a lot of fun”.  I replied “oh yes!  I am!”.  I thought that was it.  I was a little flirty but I was with my kids in the middle of Walmart so no more than normal.  After getting some  hor d’oeuvres for the night we headed to the check out.  To be completely on the up and up I did see him in the next check out and purposely didn’t go to that one. You see I didn’t want to look desperate or like I was trying to pick up some random dude in the Walmart.  ( i mean REALLY who does that?) So I went to the one next to his.  I put the items on the conveyor belt and waited to pay, chatting with the kids while trying not to stare at the back of the dude’s head.   Did I mention that he had on a REALLY bad white cowboy hat?  Sheesh.  Clearly no woman in this guys life. And the mustache…soooooo bad.  Anyway, as I stood there he was finished paying for his items and was about to leave.  Oh well, there goes THAT opportunity, right?  And then it happened.  This weirdly dressed Cowboy with the kindest eyes just walked up to me, gave me a piece of paper and said “i hope to hear from you sometime’ and walked out of Walmart.  I stood there for a second with  my mouth hanging open.  Then I looked at the cashier in shock.  Then I looked at the two old women in line behind me in shock.  For the first time in 44 years I was completely speechless.  The cashier looked at me and said “did that just happen?”  We all laughed.  My kids were in shock, mostly my daughter who could NOT believe that someone (anyone) would find her old mom worthy of such a huge pick up.  Ha ha.

When we got to the car I read the piece of paper, it simply read his name and his phone number.  My daughter told me, “mom, even if you don’t go out with that guy you HAVE to call cause man, that took BALLS”.   How right she was….and how glad I am that I called.  That first night we spent hours on the phone.  Over the next while that Cowboy from Walmart wined and dined me.  He bought me flowers and made me dinners.  He took me out and he did everything in his power to make sure I knew all about him.  He heard my story and understood that the most important thing he could do is allow me to get to know him.  Trust is my number one issue and what I got from my cowboy was nothing but an open book.  Any question I asked, he answered.  No matter how difficult the questions were he was 100% honest.

And THAT is how I met my Cowboy.  Even now I get butterflies when I see him come in the room. Every time he comes off the road I am excited and thrilled that he is coming home to ME!  And once a week since the very first week we met I get a phone call from the florist saying “hi it’s the florist are you home for your delivery?”.  yes, every week since we’ve been together this sweet, strange, funny Cowboy sends me a bouquet of flowers.  Here are the flowers that arrived for me today!


Lucky? yes!  Spoiled? yes! And guess what?  I totally deserve this shit.   If you have any doubt let me refer you back a couple of summers.  Trust me, I KNOW how fortunate I am.  I am beyond grateful that this awesome Cowboy took all his courage and wrote his number on a little slip of paper in the middle of Walmart.

Ok seriously NEXT post is about our cross country trip to Thunder Bay…..maybe….

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