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Pray for me.

Posted by Allison on February 1, 2007

Today I packed away my yarn. We have decided to put the house up for sale and are hoping to purchase a beautiful 2 story house with TONNES of room. We are very close and just waiting for a solid offer on our present home. Here’s the problem. I had to PACK AWAY MY YARN! For one thing I don’t trust that some other knitter may be looking for a house and seeing my beautiful stash helps herself to some “Socks That Rock”! And I need the space and don’t want anyone to truly see the sickness that is yarn hording. So I was doing math. Stop laughing. How many projects to I need to keep out if I can’t get to my stash yarn before the end of February…..and then I doubled it. Everything else is neatly put away in boxes in my garage. And no, I won’t tell you my address so you can “see if you know someone in the area”. You knitters are wily but I’m much smarter than you think….Come to think of it I should have marked the box “camping gear”, just to be extra safe.

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One step closer!

Posted by Allison on January 31, 2007

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Posted by Allison on January 30, 2007

I’m stressed. Not just a little stressed but a big big stress. Trying to get the house together for a big announcement. No, I’m not pregnant. More later. Eek.

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Life lesson number 578!

Posted by Allison on January 25, 2007

Well to say that I’m not in a happy place would be the understatement of the century. I have been screwed. Not like “oh gee let’s hurt allison a little” but a bend this bitch over the table type of screwed. And funny enough, I should have known better. For the last 11 years I have maintained a friendship that no one in my inner circle could understand. None of my friends would attend things if this individual was there…I continued the friendship. When she went against everything I believe in and constantly went after married men, I continued the friendship….When she was mean and spiteful to me…I continued the friendship…..When I was the only person giving in the relationship…I continued the friendship. When it became apparently that the only reason she is friends with me is because she likes to say negative things about me…fine whatever. Well I’m done. I’ve often heard people say “oh they’re dead to me” and joke and laugh about it, but I now understand. I will never again have any type of contact with this person. And the best part is, she wouldn’t even understand and she probably won’t notice. It’s not about what she did, it’s about how she did it. I suppose that if she couldn’t find a way to break a trust in a relationship then she wouldn’t feel “better than” everyone around her.
Funny, when I discussed it with my true friends, not one of them was surprised by her actions.

Life lesson, when someone shows you who they are, believe them.

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Well this is weird….

Posted by Allison on January 24, 2007

I’m having a heck of time blogging lately. I can’t sign in. I’m sure your all devasted by my inability to post my witty little knitting nuggets. All my life I wanted to write in a journal. Finally at this late time in my life ( I do believe that I’m now 90 from the way my knee cracked the last time I stood up from the computer) I’ve finally got this blog and now it won’t let me post. I use this blog to talk about all things knitting, but I also use it to get my daily musings out.. Funny how when I was 16 and my mother read my diary I thought I would die and now I’m stressed because my daily thoughts aren’t being read by the 2 people who find the time to laugh behind my back at my bad grammar and ridiculous knitting mistakes might miss a week or two.

Fear not, my public, I think I have found a back door that will let me sign in…you shall not be without me for long!

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Posted by Allison on January 22, 2007

I’ve been trying to post to my damn blog for the last 4 days! I’m back!!!!! Nothing interesting to say, just making sure I can post!

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My huddled masses….

Posted by Allison on January 16, 2007

Now I’m not saying that my little blog is the most popular thing going…but I do think I have quite a few people reading along and snickering behind my back. So all you knitters out there take note. There is a new knitting shop opening soon. The owner is a fellow blogger and a pretty cool lady to boot. She was one of the first people that started reading my blog and so for her obvious good taste I want to recommend her new little LYS! She’s just getting started and I’m sure is under a mountain of yarn right now. Here is a link to her blog “A V i l l a g e K n i t i o t” and here is the website that I’m sure will be up and running in no time (if I know her) “Imagiknit of Gaylord”
The shop is in Gaylord Michigan, which I don’t really have a clue where that is, but I do know it’s right off the I75.

I’ve discovered that it would take me 31 hours to drive to see the shop….but maybe some of you are closer…

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Too much!

Posted by Allison on January 11, 2007

This is when I’ll know I have too much money….

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I’m a Hip Mom!

Posted by Allison on January 11, 2007

So there is the contest on Crazy Hip Mama’s for a Nintendo DS Lite that I HAVE to win! I would soooo be the hippest Mama in the house! Plus my slight addiction to all things PacMan in the eighties would surely be reason enough since there is a game called Pac-Man World 3 that could possible keep me away from knitting for a few hours at a time! So check out Hip Mama’s and cross your fingers for me!

Contest at Crazy Hip

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Body Dismorphia

Posted by Allison on January 10, 2007

I think I have discovered a new problem….and it’s all mine. I have what could be called reverse anorexia. Isn’t that were people look in the mirror and think that they are very large? Well I look in the mirror every day and I see a very attractive well proportioned woman. I think ‘damn I look good’ at least once a week. My husband continues to insist that I’m attractive. Where the problem? Pictures! Now either I am the most unphotogenic person in the world OR the camera adds 10 pounds and I have close to 4 cameras pointed at me at all times. Cause dammit I’m trying to find a picture of myself to post and I am HUGE in all of them. I’ve decided to do something about it. Immediately. Not tomorrow. Not next week. Dammit I’m going to fix the problem right now.

I am calling a moratorium on pictures. I shall never have a picture taken of myself again. Because CLEARLY that must be the problem.

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