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Why I love Julia….

Posted by Allison on November 28, 2007

I have loved Julia Roberts as stated several times, most recently in my Why God hates Santa rant.

On Oprah the other day I watched her with Tom Hanks as they were plugging their new movie Charlie Wilson’s War . She is just the most refreshing person in hollyweird. I imagine that going to her house would be very comforting, very real, very unglamorous. Yes their stove would probably be worth more than my car but I picture her as being very grounded. One day I’d like to meet her…maybe while I’m knitting in an airport she’ll come by and we’ll have a chat…I’d like her to know how much I like her. I’d like this to happen in a way that doesn’t entail me getting a restraining order put out against me but if it happens, meh.

The best client meeting EVER happened for me today (now yesterday cause I forgot to publish this post). I usually like the people I work with, we usually get along. I’m not in this for just the money so it’s important for me to really like the people that I’m going to spend quality ‘home buying’ time with. I met someone that I HAVE to work with for a while. Why you ask…because technically they aren’t buying for a few months. Other realtors would pawn them off, put them on a list to call later and leave it at that…not me. This girl is a girl after my own heart. We had a conversation in which she used the term ‘that’s how i roll’ without skipping a beat. She has muppet figurines that she displays in her livingroom AND is crafty. But the absolute best part about meeting her was her reason for moving. Her new husband and her moved to the city a while ago…they didn’t know the city….they rented a place at a time when the rental market was really strapped. So they aren’t in the worse part of town, but they aren’t in the best. That would be okay I think except……their next door neighbour is um….how do I put this delicately….he’s an ‘in charge’ kind of guy. He’s a ‘top dog’ type of guy. he’s a ‘controlling the situation’ type of guy. okay i’ll just spell it out. her next door neighbour is a practising BDSM guy….as in she spends every night listening to the most explicit sexual romps that you can imagine. Spankings and whips and chains, the whole kit and caboodle……And what does she do? She goes next door, knocks on his door and says ‘buddy, when you brush your teeth, i can hear you. and EVERYTHING that you do that is louder than brushing your teeth, i can hear that too’. I think I love her. This is what she told me when I asked when they were hoping to move. She is now a friend AND a client.

Oh… Secret Pal package.  here’s the list of great stuff…..when Scottie gets home maybe he can get the half eaten camera to take pictures…

  • The Knitting Answer book by Margaret Radcliffe…hmm I’ve tried  thinking of crazy knitting questions, they are ALL in there.  I had to run downstairs to one of my knitting bags to get it because I’m already using it all the time.
  • SheepStrings Felted Purse pattern #707 and two skeins of Cabin Fever Wool in a Cottage Colours called Fireplace.
  • Vanilla Sugar body butter by Sparesource
  • SimplyBasic Vanilla bean Hand creme (once again had to go get it from my purse i’m already using it)
  • Dyed in the Wool Handmade sock yarn in Gourd  Times  You MUST go to this site if only to see the company Logo…  Oh and the yarn is GORGEOUS! I believe that I’m going to knit MYSELF a pair of socks with this one.
  • Set of 16 notecards with beautiful flowers on the front. Very pretty and perfectly in line for the new me who is trying be more diligent about sending out real cards to real friends to keep in touch.
  • And in the cute category, a Keychain Sock Blocker. I’m totally knitting a sock for it…as soon as Christmas is over.

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Posted by Allison on October 30, 2007

I received my 2nd secret pal package today.

My camera is dead so you’ll have to close your eyes and imagine. Wait before you close your eyes inside was some vanilla body shop stuff that my hubby said “mmmm” when he saw it….he’s a good man. And then this book…

and a spindle like the one on the front cover….and Spinning fibre that is 100% corriedale by Dyed in the wool in Octobery that looks like this….

*oops removed sorry Dyed in the wool!

Okay I guess you don’t have to close your eyes to imagine cause the internet is all-knowing and all-picturing.

I’m scared and shaking and excited all at once. Scott is convinced that we (knitter, spinners etc.) are sick and twisted. To paraphase him ‘wow it’s like a big, um’ and I said ‘crazy crack addiction’ and he agreed. But I think he saw the future and wept a little on the inside.

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Posted by Allison on October 24, 2007

Kevin Kline is 60!!!!! How the hell is that possible. So this morning I’m reading my “dailies” and stumble across this little tidbit. I’m not quite sure how this is possible… his wife is like is like 44 and looks like mid-20’s tops! Damn you Phoebe Cates!!!

Any whoo…..Christmas knitting is coming along, I’m just around the corner from being done the bulk of it….and when I say bulk of it I mean maybe one quarter of what I really want to get done but I’m being optomistic. GLASS HALF FULL! GLASS HALF FULL! GLASS HALF FULL!

Friday is the big game between Saskatchewan and Edmonton. We will be in the stands cheering on the kings of the gridiron. Since Dee won a package to the game there are FREE DRINKS and food. So since I am usually the picture of good judgement I’m sure that’s a combination that will go completely smoothly. *searches madly for an team coloured barf bag* I will be taking my Sask Roughriders coloured yarn to knit up my team socks but the amount knitted will be determined by the amount drank and the amount drank will be determined by the points scored.

Oh and I won another contest. I’m a finalist for the big prize but the part I’ve already won is a jamie oliver frying pan and his newest book. here’s the frying pan, I think I get to pick it up next week or something.

The big prize would be the whole 11 piece set, a trip to Toronto and meeting JAMIE OLIVER!!!! I find out Friday….not that I’m excited or anything. I kind of love him.

Okay I’ve been off the radar for awhile, I have to go catch up with my knitblogs and gossip. On the upside I’ve been playing raquetball and volleyball (not that I’ve lost a pound but I’ve made a sufficient fool of myself to “feel” lighter than ever)

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I’m not dead yet…

Posted by Allison on October 11, 2007

Really it’s embarrassing how long I’ve been away from blogging….but I’m super busy.  I’m still knitting though I’ve started the Christmas knitting extravanganza.  Tomorrow I will make a nice long boring post for all my legions of fans….

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I think God hates Santa Claus…

Posted by Allison on October 1, 2007

I should be knitting every night with furious fingers stopping only to eat and the occasional horizontal wiggle with the husband so he’ll take care of the children and cook while I bury myself in mounds of yarn. I have a shawl that I have to cast on, socks to make, toques and mitts I’d like to give this year and the surprise gift i’m hoping to do finish up as well.

But what do I do instead, I land up on and start looking through the famous peoples book recommendations. I look to see what Julia Roberts likes reading because ever since I saw an interview with her a few years ago when she talked about what she did when she found out she was going to be in a movie with Denzel Washington i’ve thought of her as one of my pretend close friends (plus she knits so CLEARLY we’d be best friends in real life if she ever met me). One of the books she listed was THE RED TENT by Anita Diamant. She mentioned that she doesn’t usually like historical books (again because we’re FRIENDS our tastes are similar) but that she really loved this book. So I order it from the library and Saturday I went to pick it up. Dammit it’s FANTASTIC! So basically a good book is screwing Christmas.  A book about the Bible is screwing Christmas. And people say God has no sense of humor.

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I do EXIST, Canada Post says so!

Posted by Allison on September 20, 2007

Okay, I knew the package would be good.  I knew it would be filled with personality of the giver. I kinda thought with football season starting it might just be filled Denver Bronco coloured yarn……

Wow, is all I can say is wow.  I have no witty smart mouth comments.  I can’t begin to tell you how perfect the box was….

What’s inside you ask?  Well me in a box quite frankly….there’s yarn that matches my new couch PERFECTLY, yarn that is the colours of my livingroom, the cutest blue clutch that I’m going to use as a wallet, a sock pattern with the prettiest look to it, fridge magnets that made me giggle, a yarn cutter pendant that I’m pretty sure is going to get jeers from my teenager but it BRILLIANT, bath bombs that I’m usually too cheap to buy for myself, decorator ziplock bags that I would have bought for myself, a voodoo kit that I can only assume she bought because she’s pyschic and she knows i’m fighting with the bussing company regarding N’s drop off spot, and a brass thingie that I think is for socks but I’m a big enough to admit I don’t have a clue what the hell it is or how to use it.

It’s wonderful. It’s thoughtful. It came from someone who is clearly sweet enough to get to know me. It’s from a friend.




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My secret pal is spying on me….

Posted by Allison on September 18, 2007

I’ve spent the morning searching the house for the cameras. A couple of days ago I was finishing off N’s sock (the knee high in pink) with a short row toe and I was searching madly for stitch holders. I found 2 out of the 900 million (or so) that I’ve had over the years. I did find a package of yucky plastic ones and ended up using them to mark my spot….(sorry that totally makes me think of Frankie the dog who is still peeing like a girl..when do boy dogs start lifting their legs?) I thought I would order some (and did) from a etsy sight but I only got two sets because a. I was being cheap and b. I thought I’d find some locally. I would like to have a few sets for the many projects I have going.

So anywhooooo, I get to the mailbox yesterday and what do I find….a SECRET PAL package! And inside there was some beautiful sock yarn that is telling me that it would like to live on my niece’s feet who is turning 25 this December and has been bugging me for a pair. There is also two balls of the cutes ‘thick and thin’ wool handpainted by Jan Gilray which I’ve fondled at my LYS but never bought so I’m excited to see what I can knit up with it, also a book called Knitting Sweaters from the Top Down by Cathy Carron which I’ve never seen before but since all the sweaters I’ve ever made end up being vests this is probably the find of the century for me….and finally, a set of the cutest stitch markers which lead me to the frantic searching of my house to see where the camera is hidden. Thanks Secret Pal you ROCK!


OOO and the other day I made chicken pot pie from scratch….yep from boiling the chicken to the pastries…’s photographic proof!


Oh and stupid teenager DOES smile every year whether he needs it or not…it usually is brought on by his brother. Here they are at Granny’s birthday, geez, I love my kids.

Don’t know what the hell is wrong with the camera I am assuming it’s NOT a user issue.



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Knitting stuff!

Posted by Allison on September 13, 2007

I love the mail man….oops mail woman, no that can’t be right mail carrier! KnitPicks package came yesterday….I remember ordering it in a haze but not really the specifics. Now I’m DYING to cast on the purple, green and chocolate stripe into a cool pair of socks. Plus I’ m trying to round out some of my knitpick sock needles…and some of them came in too! I love the colourways at knitpicks…


So right now instead of making something for my dear sweet crazy mother who is 79 tomorrow I’m knitting knee highs for N. I LOVE them….another pattern from More Sensational socks. The look weird here….


Yep, I interrupted homework to take a picture of the sock on her foot….blogging is that important.


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A Contest! A Contest!

Posted by Allison on September 6, 2007

Oh how I love Crazy Aunt Purl…..and she’s having a contest! Enter!

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Oh yeah, it’s a KNITTING blog….

Posted by Allison on September 6, 2007

Yes! I finished N’s socks BEFORE the first day of school! She then chose NOT to wear them…..ingrate! Oh well she wore them this morning, apparently she was ‘saving’ them to wear today…yeah yeah whatever. I’ve already cast on another pair but these ones are going to be knee socks. She’s lucky I’m addicted to knitting and her excitement of trying them on while knitting is enough to guarentee she’ll be kept in handmade socks until her feet fall off.

Pattern: More Sensational socks Seeded Ribbing with heel flap and short row toe.

Yarn: On live Supersocke Cotton in Beach



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