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Posted by Allison on February 25, 2014

So remember how I said I was going to start changing my style? Yup. I have truly started. I am loving me. I have always wanted to have a better personal style I’ve just never had the guts. I would love to say it was financial or because of my ex (it’s nice to blame him for everything but really except for the cheating he really isn’t a complete douche) but that wouldn’t be honest, it’s all me. I have lacked the confidence in me to really explore my own style. I’ve never really been comfortable in my own body and now I am. We can all pretend that it’s some huge self realization and that I’ve grown as a person who is all self actualized but that would be such bullshit. The fact of the matter is I have an fantastic partner. My Cowboy loves my body so much it has made me reexamine how I feel about my own body. This is a man who seriously GROWLS when I walk by him in a room. I can not walk passed Cowboy without him reaching out an grabbing me. He is in love with every curve on my body. And in turn I am now in love with every curve of my body. This man WANTS me. Not a little bit but completely. So yeah if you’re wondering why I always have such a huge smile on my face, that is why.  Well that and the sex.  Lots & lots of sex.  Anyway,  now I feel amazing about my own body. I’ve stopped hiding it under bulky clothes, I’ve stopped wearing just grey. I have decided that loving my body is in fact, easier than hating it. There are a few other things that have changed my outlook. I belong to an online community of Curvies who only speak positively about themselves and their bodies. I can now look in the mirror and say “damn i look amazing”. And I’ve learn a VERY important lesson, when you dress your body well and feel good in the right size clothing you then FEEL better about yourself and your body. You carry yourself better, you feel more confident and in turn you look more attractive and you look sexier. This then results in my partner grabbing me even more…it’s a win/win.
So what’s new in my closet? Well I bought a dress and a few shirts off a style icon. Okay she’s not really a style icon she’s a new friend that I met in my online group who has a clothing trade group for curvy girls. I stalked her for a bit and realize that she has the coolest personal style. Then she listed a dress that made my heart stop. So I bought it. A dress I would normally see and think “oh i can’t pull that off” instead I bought it and I LOVE it. I don’t even care if no one else does, it’s 100% adorable and it’s all mine. She also sent along a few other pieces and there started my new closet. I know I need some staple pieces and so on the recommendation of the great Brittany Herself, I bought a denim dress from Old Navy. To bump up to free shipping (still a tightwad) I also bought a beautiful navy striped wrap dress from ON that is DA BOMB. At the same time one of my fellow group members told me about a store called EShakti. Such a great premise. You order clothes and you can customize EVERYTHING. You put in your exact measurements and the dress is made for you and sent to your door. Want a cap sleeve then you can customize any dress to have a cap sleeve. Ok, um….side note, can we just agree that NO ONE looks good with a cap sleeve except Jillian Michaels and little girls with stick arms. I’m 44 years old and a size 14/16 on top.  Designers, stop making cap sleeves in my size, they look all cute on the hanger or in pictures but you know and i know when I put those babies on I will look ridiculous. Stop making them…But anywhoo that was just an example, you can change to any type of sleeve you want. You can change the length, whether or not you want pockets. Just about anything. AND it’s decent prices. My first purchase with all the adjustments, shipping 15% off special pricing was under 50 bucks. For a fully customized dress. What the fuckity fuck? How did I not know about this possibility before? It’s my new favourite website. I will have a closet full of their dresses by the time summer hits.


^^^Look!  COLOUR!! ^^^

So from a closet full of grey to a colour wardrobe that better reflects who I am as a person and how I feel about myself. Such a fun goal and I’m having a hell of a lot of fun getting to know who I am what looks good on my beautiful sexy body.

Photo on 14-02-25 at 3.49 PM #2


* this picture is from today…no shower, no make-up but too damn excited to wait to try on my FAN-FUCKING-TASTIC new dress.

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  1. Nicole said

    Smoking hot AS ALWAYS!

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