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Why I love vintage…or justification in a post.

Posted by Allison on December 16, 2013

Today was a NON pyrex hunting day.  This is because Christmas is next week and I do NOT need any more pyrex until the New year.  Notice what i did there?  i didn’t say I didn’t need anymore pyrex, I said I didn’t need anymore THIS YEAR…it’s December 16th…Shut up, I’m an addict.    So anyway, I went to the Second hand store…. you know, just to look.  Sadly there was the sweetest little promotional Golden Tulip sitting on a shelf that did NOT know that I wasn’t buying any pyrex.  I tried to reason with the little bowl.  I walked away and left her on the shelf but clearly this was NO place for such a sweet bowl.  So anyway next thing I knew the bowl was in my passenger seat…See?


Anyway, as my delusional self was at the till I looked up and saw this…



I mentioned to the thrift chick at the till that it was a really nice Christmas tree and she said a long time customer/donater brought it in as a gift.  His wife had died and she loved to collect vintage brooches and jewelry.   Instead of trying to sell it all or donating it back to the thrift he made the beautiful tree with vintage Christmas lights and gave it to them as a gift.  How sweet is that?

THAT in a nutshell is what I love about collecting vintage items.  They have a life before I find them.  I see value in that life and want the items to continue serving their purpose.  I love kitchen vintage especially because I get to keep using them.  They aren’t in a drawer collecting dust of getting damaged by dishwashers (le sigh) they are well made beautiful items that have many more years in them.  The pyrex bowl above was made in 1962 or 1963!  It’s 50 years old and it’s stunning, still as beautiful as when it was new.  I bought it for $6 at a second hand store.  I think that’s awesome.  But I also think it’s sad….sad that there are so many others who don’t see the value in these old things.  But there is one old widow who took his wife’s passion for vintage jewelry and made sure that there is a reminder that these old things are not only beautiful but should be cherished and remembered.  I hope someone does the same for my beloved pyrex….

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