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Yes sir, that’s my baby…

Posted by Allison on November 18, 2013

This is my little buddy.  He is weird and wonderful and I love nothing more than when we have the opportunity to hang out just the two of us.  Tonight we decided to have lettuce wraps because there was no one else joining us for supper.  When we sat down to eat he said that he wanted tortillas instead of lettuce wraps but still insisted on calling them lettuce wraps.  Arguing with Mr. Magoo is like trying to staple jello to the wall.  Pointless.


So the other day I made the worlds best chicken fingers.  Thankfully I was smart enough to actually “pin” the recipe and document the making of said chicken fingers because trust me, I will be making these again.

The secret to these chicken fingers is buttermilk.  Here are the chicken tenders in the marinade (which I left in the fridge for 2 days because I got distracted making other things.  Next to it is the flour pack.


The recipe gave me the BEST advice ever for flouring.  Simple said, use one hand in the wet mix and one in the dry.  Why the hell hadn’t I thought of that before.  Sheesh.


Next I got to use the amazing deep fryer that Cowboy bought not too long ago.  This would be more dangerous if I remembered that we own it more often.


Sorry the picture is so blurry I have no idea what happened, but the chicken fingers were amazing.  Both kids have already asked me to make them again.  Which I will, but not for awhile cause I can’t imagine they are low cal in any way shape or form!


You can find the recipe I followed at Once Upon a Chef it’s called Buttermilk fried chicken tenders and it’s nothing short of perfect!

Next up the Christmas chocolate making challenge against Webb Chronicles stay tuned…me and Miss Thing are going to kick their asses….well not really we’re just hoping not to end up with chocolate in our hair.

One Response to “Yes sir, that’s my baby…”

  1. Nicole said

    Bring it on! lol! I’m just hoping to not gain 10lbs while we attempt to make them! I mean any good chocolatier must test their recipe right? Why didn’t we decide on a yoga challenge or something? You’re a bad influence. 😉

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