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Lazy midterm break….

Posted by Allison on November 12, 2013

This is how our ‘whats for lunch’ conversation went.   Me: What do you want for lunch Elijah Elijah: chili Me: I don’t have chili, how about chicken noodle soup Elijah: Oh!  Pea soup Me: I don’t have pea soup how about chicken noodle soup Elijah: Why didn’t you say “we’re having chicken noodle soup for lunch?” Me: I wanted to give you a choice.  Elijah: I’m busy, can you leave my room?

Who says being a parent isn’t fun?  You just have to make your own entertainment….

We only have early dismissal one day a month and because of that, the kids get a lot more PD and other breaks throughout the year.  Today is one of those ‘extra’ days.  So even though the kids spent the weekend with their dad I still get almost 2 full days off with them at home. Score!  I would have loved to go vintage hunting but Mr. Magoo put the kibosh on that fairly quickly….so instead we are hanging around at home.  Miss Thing is going out with a boy later so this evening will just be me and the very cool 10 year old.  I think we’ll run into town and grab some sushi for supper.

Snow has fallen in our little corner of the world.  My dude is currently on  a trip south but luckily he got a taste of it before he left.  There is NOTHING more enjoyable than coming in from shovelling cold, wet & heavy snow to a text with a picture of sunny Texas with their green grass and him in a t-shirt bitching about how it was soooooo hot he had to turn on the air conditioning.

As soon as it starts getting cold he starts itchin’ to go south.  Sadly for him our little Molly isn’t in the truck for the forseeable future.  She is staying home with me!!



Note the ‘winter’ cowboy hat in the picture.  I just looked over at his cowboy hat holder and realized he didn’t take a summer cowboy hat with him.  LMAO.  My boyfriend is weird.  But since he comes back most trips with pyrex I’ll put up with him.  The other day I was asking one of my local pyrex groups what is their DREAM piece and how do they want to acquire it.  It got me thinking.  I have many pieces I would love to add to my collection.  I would love the full Friendship set.  I want to have every pink piece ever made.   I love all yellow pyrex (especially Daisy) but my dream piece is the Twin Buffet Promotional set from 1959.   I want the whole thing WITH bracket.  AND I want it for the most hilarious reason ever.  I want if as a dog dish for Molly.

You can see them on Pyrex love.  I refer to them as the twins.

I would pay what they are going for currently on Ebay but because what I want them for I’d feel silly.  So I keep looking for them in the wild, hoping to stumble across a still IN BOX set at some old ladies house.  I have this ongoing fantasy that I’m at a local knitting group and I mention how much I love pyrex.  One of the old ladies invites me back to her house were she then gifts me her entire collection.   This fantasy usually goes into high gear as I’m on my knees in a 2nd hand store trying to dig for a missing lid for some slightly damaged piece of butterfly gold that I already own because I’m jonsing for a pyrex fix.


Oh one last thing….I’m addicted to contests but I haven’t won something big in a LONG time.  There is one running on a sex toy site that I HAVE to enter…it’s low entry AND it’s a super high end site.   Toy with Me is a high end fantastic site with honest reviews on some very expensive but GOOD pleasure items.  I don’t know if it’s your cup of tea but I don’t care.  I’m linking the contest because dammit, I want to win something FUN for a change!  I have enough soup & tea to last a year from the last few contests I’ve won LOL.  Toy With Me Contest!

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