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Vintage kitchen renovation….

Posted by Allison on October 30, 2013

So my beautiful home is just getting more beautiful every day.  I love everything about it.  I am so proud to show it off and Cowboy is the most amazing guy for letting me do whatever I want to decorate it.  Oh wait…that is not true.  He complains and whines and says it doesn’t make sense and then I do it anyway and he says that he knew all along that it would be perfect.  So the kitchen is all vintage and retro  I love my pyrex and I’m starting to expand to other vintage items that I like.  My idea is to collect and display vintage mixers on one wall of the kitchen!  Today I got my very first one.  Her name is Matilda and she is beautiful.


I’ve assured Gertrude (the kitchenaid) that she is in no danger of being replaced.  These old girls have done their duty for 40 or more years and are just here to look pretty.  She is the kitchen work horse.  I’m hoping to get matching bowls that glasbake made for most of these old mixers along the way as well.  We’ll see.  I have a nice set of white bowls already so I’ll use those for now.

So to treat myself after finishing the final day of clean up at my mothers condo I went to a couple of thrifts and Value Village.  Oh did I mention that in the last 10 days I sold and cleaned out my mothers condo?  Yeah.  So the only way I could stay motivated was to tell myself that when I was done I could do some thrifting.  I’ve been on a ‘no thrift’ diet for a few weeks so this was a much needed treat.  This is the pile from today!

The 403 yellow is either from an all yellow set or maybe reverse primary?  The pink is in rough shape but it’s a good size so I’ll use it with my everyday dishes.  The reds are made in canada pyrex and in perfect shape.  The blue 401 is unnumbered, I didn’t know I already had one but that’s okay I love unnumbered primaries so the more the merrier. The tupperware container with lid has 6 compartments and is already in use as the veggie & dip tray going to school with Mr. Magoo tomorrow!   The little dots bowl is adorable….I’m branching out from pyrex LOL.


I also found this adorable enamel cookware today as well.  I see them quite a bit but this pattern was just too good to pass up.  How 70’s kitsch is this??  LOVE it!


OH vintage kitchenware, I just adore you.    Glad I’ve found my ‘thing’ when it comes to collecting.  And I’m really glad that my partner doesn’t think I’m nuts.  Well not when it comes to vintage kitchenware, everything else is another matter.

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