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5122 kilometres….Road trip 2013!

Posted by Allison on October 15, 2013

So when Cowboy suggested that we drive across country with the two youngest kids I said, YES right away.  I’m not sure why he thought it was a good idea but I knew that if there is one truth about my kids…it’s that they are amazing travellers.   These two have travelled the world and they are excellent at it.  So three days east a week visit and three days back?  Awesome.

Here’s a secret.  Canada is a big ass country.  I mean you THINK you know the size of it, but until you drive from one end to another you really don’t.    We didn’t even DO that, we went from Alberta thru Sask thru Manitoba and just part way across Ontario to Thunder Bay and it took 3 days driving each way!  That’s a full day driving every day, no pansy 3 hours days.  Thank god my Cowboy is a trucker.  He has no problem driving 8 or 9 hours in a day, to him that is a short days work.

So here are a few of the highlights from our wonderful trip out east.  We had very cool hotel rooms and the smartest car accessory was the kids iPads.


This was my very first ‘real’ trip to Ontario and it was the first time the kids were there.  We had to make a special stop at the sign to mark the occasion.  For kids who have travelled all over the world it was good to show them more of Canada!


The weather was fantastic, the water was still cold but we did get to the beach a few times.


My crazy boyfriend and my rotten kid


We went to a little wildlife zoo.


I have never been to the Great Lakes.  I’m glad that the kids got to see Lake Superior but one day I’d love to go and do the true tirip aaround the lake.


I was worried Elijah would just drive into a corner and get stuck so i went into the bumper car with him.  He proceeded to drive like a maniac and I’m pretty sure I got whiplash.


So thrilled to finally see the Terry Fox memorial.  After so many years of hear about his journey it was nice to see this beautiful statue in his honor.


Daughter overlooking the view at the Terry Fox memorial.


Mr. Magoo cleaning amethysts after we went mining!


At Nana and Papa’s house hanging out.  It took him 3 days to even go inside.  Mr. Shy boy.



So looking forward to their trip west for Christmas.

2 Responses to “5122 kilometres….Road trip 2013!”

  1. Kimberli said

    That looks like an awesome trip…sure wish my two boys were ‘world traveler’s’. Even with the iPads, after about 20 minutes on a freeway to anywhere the fighting, grumpy boys that take over my childrens bodies start yelling ‘ARE WE THERE YET’ I usually tell my husband ‘Cheezus, this is nuts. Let’s go home’

  2. meauoc said

    What a great trip you had! And you’re right about the trip around Lake Superior — it’s SUPERIOR! LOL! (I can say that since Michigan is my home state.) What a nice time to spend with your kids and a great experience for them, for sure. Love to see you so happy after all you’ve been through!

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