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You think I’m spoiled? Well so is Cowboy, trust me.

Posted by Allison on April 22, 2013

I know you’re asking yourself why does this crazy Cowboy trucker love this chick sooooo much?  I mean she is brash, swears like a sailor (or trucker), drinks wine by the gallon…wow she must be a dynamo in the sack.  Well that may be true (it is, ask him he’ll tell you, no really he will) BUT the reason he loves me so much is I take care of him. He takes care of me too.  We are very much about treating each other with compassion and spoiling each other, it’s how we are.  Now I can’t buy the dude flowers every week like he does for me, or take him on week long getaways (MEXICO THIS SUMMER wuhoo!) but I can feed him.  Today was test kitchen day for breakfast ideas for on the road.

Bacon cups!

First you start by lining a muffin tin with bacon.  Doesn’t every good idea start with bacon?


The you cut up everything you have in your fridge that goes with eggs!  For me that meant orange pepper, half an onion and half a tomato.  Then you put in some AMAZING farm fresh eggs that you picked up from the Hutterite Colony and beat.


Pour the egg mixture into the bacon holders (mmmm bacon).  Realize that for a bigger batch or more variety you should mix the eggs and pour and then put the veggies or whatever into each ‘cup’.  Top off with cheese if you so desire.  Cowboy can only eat certain types of cheese so these are made with a velvetta type cheese that he brought home from Walmart last trip.  Added bonus it melts REALLY well.


Cook for 30 minutes (ish). (oh and if you’re thinking they will pop right out because the bacon grease means the eggs won’t stick to the pan, you would be wrong).  I put a pan of water in the oven with the egg cups while they were baking…keeps them moist I do believe!


Take picture before you eat the all.  Sooooo good but they more needed salt  as I was light handed thinking the bacon would be salty enough. I was wrong.

Perfect hand food for Cowboy as he is driving down the road.  He can microwave 2 with a cup of coffee and he’s all set!  The different varieties are endless also, I think for his I may add hashbrowns or a slice of bread on the bottom to make them more of a meal for him.  For me and the kids just the bacon and eggs combo is enough.


Now that the test batch is done I’m going to do about 4 dozen and freeze them individually for Cowboy and the kids for the next month.  I rock.  Thanks Pinterest, this ones a keeper!  Not linking as I used a variety of different pins and combined to come up with my own idea but you can just search bacon cup on there if you are interested to see what is out there….or use my stellar ideas!

2 Responses to “You think I’m spoiled? Well so is Cowboy, trust me.”

  1. Rhonda Thiessen said

    Omg…this looks amazing!! You’re a Pinterest whore like me!! Lol!!

  2. Kris said

    That looks yummy!

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