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I’m old. Thankfully I still look amazing….

Posted by Allison on April 15, 2013

Ok so here is my claim to fame, I’m 43 years old and have NO grey hair.   I’ve been yelling that from the roof tops since a certain BFF started going grey in her 20’s.  I mean I LOVE the fact that I can say “oh i don’t colour my hair it’s completely natural” with an air of superiority.  It makes me feel better than most.  Shut up, we all have a ‘thing’.  Something that we secretly hold as better than other people.  There’s even a word for it EGO, it’s why I practice yoga.  Granted mine has absolutely nothing to do with me and everything to do with genetics but whatevs.  It’s still all mine.  And here is the thing, I have been known on occasion to say that I would never colour my hair and will go grey naturally with the hopes of looking like Toni Morrison with her long mane of grey dreadlock goodness.  Then last week while twisting my beautiful dreadlocks I noticed something in the mirror.  Right on the top of my head in all their glory are TWO not one, but TWO fucking grey hairs.  Listen AGING, I’m all good with the holding my book a little bit further away thing that you’ve decided I’m doing now.  I’m good to go with the never lifting my right arm all the way up on it’s own accord from some old sport injury (shut up and stop laughing) but GREY HAIR????  Fuck.   I think this aging gracefully is one of those things that is only really good in theory.  I did try to gather sympathy where ever I could but was met with a lot of rolling eyes and ‘shut the hell up’s.  I even was given the suggestion (rather heartily i might add) that I could just colour them with a sharpie.  But as I creep ever closer to my 44th birthday I’ve decided to say, fuck it.  I LIKE my two little grey hairs!  I’m going to celebrate them as I have earned the little buggers.  They have fought the hard battle against genetics and boldly appeared at the middle front of my head and they should be celebrated not shunned and sent away.  You know unlike their cousins down below that cause me to have my waxing lady on speed dial.     I may have little to no issue with growing old gracefully but  apparently, even I have my limits….


I love when my goofy Cowboy sends me pictures from the road.  We do stay in constant contact over the course of his travels but it’s nice to ‘see’ what he’s up to so I can imagine how his day is going.  When he says I’ve shut down and watching movies in the truck it looks like this.


When he’s sitting behind the wheel he looks like this (well he doesn’t drive signing I love you, that was just for me)


Here’s the load he picked up this trip in Texas it’s huge!


And this is him in Walmart shopping his FAVORITE place to be, he’s usually giddy when he calls from inside a Walmart.


And when he’s in the truck shop shower he looks like this.

just kidding as IF!

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