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600 posts!!!

Posted by Allison on April 4, 2013

This is actually post 602 but 2 of my many posts aren’t “open” to the public so I’m celebrating THIS post as number 600.

I’m celebrating this by posting about my recent surgery.  I know it’s weird but I write about my life and my life this week included surgery.  I was told by my OB/GYN that I had only 1 more option before a hysterectomy.  I have been passing out from the pain of my periods and my iron levels where getting ridiculously low.  The problem was that every month the medication I had to take to NOT pass out and be able to function is not a good long term solution.  Why?  Cause I would have to wear a medi bracelet in case of an accident. Seriously who wants to be on a medication that is more dangerous than the ailment? I was at the end of the road for interventions….I REALLY didn’t want a hysterectomy (6 WEEK RECOVERY????) so I was extremely glad when the OB said I was a candidate for an Uterine Ablation.  What’s THAT you say?  My doc went in through my belly button and lasered my uterus!  How awesome is THAT?  Apparently there is a severe danger if you ever conceive again so while he was ‘in there’ he also tied my tubes.  This second part fills Cowboy with glee and I can’t tell you have many times he said “now she’s built for pleasure” to the nurses and he asked if the Doctor put an “S” on my tummy like the vet did with Molly when she was spade.    This is me looking amazing BEFORE I went in.  After is another story.  My body HATES being put under…there are no after pics mostly because after is just me puking and whining about how awful I feel.  By the way, if you’re thinking ‘wow major abdominal surgery, she must have been in for DAYS’, that would be a big fat no.  I went into surgery at 10:30 and I was home by 4pm THE SAME DAY.  Ah…healthcare…..sigh.  At least they called me the next day to make sure I was alive.



Lucky for me, this Cowboy dude stayed by my side the whole day….true he made fun of me the whole time but he did take VERY good care of me.



And two days later when HE had to be put under for his tests and was all floopy from the drugs….well lets just say payback is a bitch!

And a Molly pic because I love her and she stayed in bed with me all week keeping me company.


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