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East bound and down….

Posted by Allison on March 30, 2013

Ok so I really do love my Cowboy.  I know it’s hard to believe but I do.  He is the sweetest most gentle man on the planet. But he’s also ALL man.  Like rough and tumble fix shit with his hands type guy  This week I really saw how true that is…I went TRUCKIN’.  Okay to be fair it was just an overnight trip to northern Alberta but still I was in the big truck.


Things I didn’t know about life on the road.   If it’s cold, the truck stays on.  I had NO idea that the truckers kept their trucks running through the night.  I assumed that when they stopped everything got shut off.  Not true.

20130328_145908 20130328_165805

I did do the feet on the dash board thing.  It’s much more comfortable to sit this way in a truck than in a car.  I love sitting with my feet up on the dash and felt all “Sally Field” when I did it.


And for all those who get the above reference….

The one and only picture of me in a cowboy hat.  Laugh away…


The road to Fort Mac is littered with the cars that didn’t make that stupid highway 63.  Some have been there all damn winter.   The province REALLY needs to finish twinning that damn highway.


Fort Mac itself is under a shitload of mud.  That’s the actual measurement for the amount of mud up there…shitload.  There were spots where we were driving through at least a foot of mud.  Cowboy had to chain up to get to the place where we were unloading the pipe.  (side note it’s super sexy to watch Cowboy do all kinds of physical labour stuff on the truck).


Our little contraband.   Molly isn’t allowed on site so she had to stay on the floor the whole time we were on the mine.  She made sure to look all pathetic so I would feel sorry for her the rest of the trip.


Back home and on the couch with Cowboy, Molly is back to being the sweetest dog ever.


These are not this weeks flowers, these are from a week or so ago.  But they are so beautiful I HAD to post them.  I have my Easter flowers too with Gerber daisies soooo beautiful.


I made Cowboy  pajama pants, why?  Because I can.


Last but most certainly NOT least, it was Miss Things 14th birthday this week.  This year marks the year she has lived longer WITH me than without.  It’s a big year for me emotionally as the journey has been such a rocky one yet so fulfilling.  Older child adoption is VERY trying, it’s hard, it’s a LOT of work but the rewards are many and the joy I get watching this beautiful little girl blossom into a sweet, caring albeit annoying as hell young woman is worth every headache I get along the way.


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