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Bento boxes will change your life…

Posted by Allison on March 4, 2013

First I should say that I am publicly apologizing for all the craptastic lunches that my kids have had to live through for all these years.  Until I discovered bento box lunches my kids ate a combination of sandwich meat and apples for over 15 years I’ve had school aged children.  And then I discovered the joys of bento lunch making.  So now on Sundays I make 8 bento boxes and the 2 kids are set for the week.  Elijah uses orange/green lids and Nadia uses blue/red lids.  Inside this weeks lunches are a variety of fruits for the fruit portion (blackberries, blueberries and raspberries), carrots and green beans for Elijah’s veggie while Nadia has carrots and celery (she dislikes raw green beans),  there is babybel cheese and sandwich/tortilla wraps.  The lunches are all stacked nicely in the fridge and they are ready to be grabbed in the morning rush.   They took MAYBE 15 minutes to put together and I LOVE the fact that the kids have a nutritious solid lunch with minimal effort from me…I wish I had found this out 15 years ago.   They only have 4 each because each kid has hot lunch one day each week.

Photo on 13-03-03 at 2.38 PM

Note the coconut water in the fridge.  Cowboy brings it back for me from the US by the caseload.  It’s the main thing I drink….besides the cases of red wine that he also brings back for me.  Having a boyfriend who crosses the border weekly has many, many benefits.  Cheap coconut water is just one of many.  Once he found there is a brand named Naked he was super happy.   Now he can make naked jokes with wild abandon and I get flavoured coconut water, it’s a win/win.


Here’s a picture of my Cowboy on our recent trip to Manitoba.  I’m including this picture because it’s warming up slowly but surely and apparently that means a switch from the ‘winter’ cowboy hat to the ‘summer’ cowboy hat.  I had NO idea there was a difference.  I am learning sooooo much about cowboy hats and cowboy boots.  I feel like there is a whole world I never knew about.  (I try not to let my eyes glaze over during these conversations)


This year this teenager will have lived the same amount of time in our family as before. It’s hard to believe that it’ been seven years since she came into my life!   We are marking the occasion in a very significant (I think) way.  But you’ll all have to wait until her birthday to see it cause she is a child of the times and has a million ways to access the internet!





I love my daughter soooo much, she on the other hand is ready to kill me cause i’m hugging her in PUBLIC…ewwwwwwww.


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