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Dogs…and my weird kid.

Posted by Allison on February 27, 2013

I’ve had dogs pretty much my entire adult life.  The first time I didn’t have a dog for an extended period was when we moved overseas. When we lived in Germany there was an incident with a little tiny yappy dog that came running towards Elijah and a fear was born.  It’s been a LONG time trying to get him to be reasonable when it comes to dogs.  And then we moved in with a very friendly VERY sweet dog.  Mr. Magoo told us that he wouldn’t like Indy until January and he stuck to his word.  He is nice enough to Indy now and doesn’t run screaming every time she is in the same room but he is CLEARLY not 100% comfortable around any dog.

Until Molly.  This morning the two of them had a moment.  Molly was sleeping and Mr. Magoo came up and they actually snuggled.  Molly is VERY happy because ALL she wants is to be buddies with my boy.  She follows him around and desperately wants to be a his friend.  He is slowly but surely coming around to the idea.


Molly is a VERY laid back dog.  Here she is seriously LAYING  BACK.  I think she has the perfect personality to finally get Mr. Magoo over his fear.


Mind my awesome pink toenails and Cowboy’s plaid pajama pants, the point of this picture is to show Molly laying on her back snoring….

Here we all are lounging on the couch, Molly is squished into the arm, Cowboy is talking on the phone and E is taking up 1/2 the couch.  I’m there too, the only one missing is Miss Thing who is away for the week at band camp.  I can NOT wait for all the stories she will tell.  Well not TO me but that I will overhear as she talks endlessly on her cell  phone.


Mr Magoo got a hair cut.  He is THRILLED that he still has curls.  Luckily my office is in the back of a hair salon. All the people there are great.   Elijah has a small but hilarious crush on one of the ladies and she cuts his hair for him.  Thank GOD she is a patient woman because cutting his hair can be trying to say the least.  Here’s a picture of his new do AND the wrist band that I made him years ago that he has recently rediscovered and is now wearing ALL THE TIME.


Yes, we’ve already established that my son is a very strange kid.  I heart him.

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