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Date night, Cowboy hats and retro dressing…

Posted by Allison on January 29, 2013

Someone drove to California and back in record time so that they could attend the Fundraiser for my kids school.  I wasn’t shocked.  He is always so sweet, I knew if he could physically do it, he would.  Never disappoints me, this Cowboy of mine.

However I was REALLY happy ‘we’ decided to NOT go with the Harley shirt to the Silent Auction.  Spent a couple of hours at WEM getting some non-work clothes.  He still looks all Cowboyed up, which i LOVE.  Switched the white cowboy hat a black one because he was dressin’ up.  So cute.  I on the other hand found an adorable retro fashion store on Whyte Ave that sells 40 style dresses.  I bought the cutest black ‘wiggle’ dress.  Those women in the 40’s sure knew how to dress. Just putting on the dress makes you feel all sexy siren.


The way this man looks at me buckles my knees.  Seriously.  Save a horse indeed.


In the words of The Dixie Chicks, Cowboy take me away.


We had a fantastic night out.  He surprised me by bidding on and winning us a weekend away as one of the silent auction items.  Can’t wait to use that hopefully this summer!  Two nights in the mountains will be a great getaway after all the crazy work stuff that the last  little while.  There were many great auction items and a LOT of money raised for the International Music Fest being held here in Devon this summer.  The bidding war over the Cirque du Soliel experience was frickin’ amazing!

Anyway, I am missing my Cowboy tonight so I thought I’d look through some pictures and then it occurred to me, happy blog posts are allowed too.  So here is a happy one to end the first month of my YEAR OF AWESOME.  Remember when I said that?  Yeah.  I meant it.

6 Responses to “Date night, Cowboy hats and retro dressing…”

  1. Kris said

    Nice! I love a happy blog post!!!

  2. Was the shop Rowenas?
    BTW girl… You two look so cute. I am smiling just looking at these pics. Save a horse indeed!

    • Allison said

      Ha! Tat, yes it was. I LOVE that store! I’ve been window shopping their website for awhile but I finally went and got something for myself. I can’t wait to go back for more.

  3. Love this! Good for you both.

  4. meauoc said

    So happy for you! It’s SO much better at this age, isn’t it?

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