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It’s a Pinterest day….

Posted by Allison on November 26, 2012

Ok, so I’m currently working on a website for the local gym and so I didn’t GO to the gym today.  I know, doesn’t make much sense but after work I thought for sure I knew what the problem was, came home to see if I could get it to work and lost 3 hours of my life!  But every time it would get to be too much I would do something off Pinterest.  I had 2 things I wanted to try and I knew that they would be greatly appreciated today so I did them.


First I was in the mood for potato salad for supper and I finally had a chance to try to bake the eggs instead of boiling them!  I knew a few people who had done it with great success and let me tell you, I’m a fricking convert.  Sooooo much easier!  And when done just dump them in some ice water and they peel like a dream!  I did 6 incase I needed the other 6 to boil if it didn’t work.  AND there were some brown spots inside as I didn’t do a test egg to see the amount of time I should leave them in the oven but aside from that, perfectly boiled eggs!



Which means perfectly delicious potato salad!  (wondering how to do that?  I’ve pinned it HERE)




Next I decided to melt some chocolate.  Ok question does chocolate go bad?  meh..whatever.



Whatever was I going to do with the melted semi sweet chocolate you ask….Is that peanut butter?




And then MORE chocolate….hmmm



And then MORE chocolate.  Yup my kids are having homemade peanut butter cups for dessert tonight.  



Why because I fricking ROCK!!  (want to rock like me?  Not possible, but you can make these by clicking HERE)

Happy Monday peeps!





2 Responses to “It’s a Pinterest day….”

  1. good chocolate and light peanut butter (Oxymoron? Yes but it still makes me feel better for eating it.)

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