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Insert inappropriate laughter here…

Posted by Allison on October 10, 2012

*WARNING the following blog post is talking about sex.  Not making love, not let me put your hair behind your ears and whisper that I love you while I caress your cheek sex.  It’s got a link that talks about slam you against the wall and fuck you silly sex.  There are mentions of backdoor fun and vibrators.  If you don’t want to read this blog entry DON’T.  But if you think funny is funny and want to laugh until you cry then keep reading and click over when you see the link in the article .  If I told you how much this article made me laugh and nod my head and agree you would probably know way more about me than I intended.  10 Commandments of Sex  is an article from the Low Brow Reader, an article featuring four of the funniest women on the planet known as Queens of Comedy.  The problem with this article is it makes me want to say a whole bunch of things that are totally NOT appropriate.  Without a doubt my favorite line in the article is If your dick is too small, my favorite position is with another muthafucka (preaching to the choir) followed by Let a muthafucka eat a strawberry out your pooty-cat! (on sale at Extra Foods right now just FYI). So now you get the gist of the article from those two lines and are highly offended do NOT click over.   Trust me it’s funny as hell BUT if you can’t stand a frank discussion about sexual matters you do NOT want to click over.  

And let me say Adele Givens is right.  She is so right that she should get an award, I don’t know if there is an Emmy equivalent for people who say what the rest of us are thinking but don’t know how to say it outloud properly.  But if there is Adele Givens should get it.  I mean Preach sista, PREACH. Oral sex is an art. It’s kinda like rap and comedy: Everybody think they can do it but they can’t. And if the right person do it to you, you ain’t gonna never have it no other way. You gon’ be like, “You got to go [singing] downtown!” When it’s right, it’s like crack.

This blog post is completely for my friend who was being a smart ass and mentioned that I haven’t posted since my trip to Vegas.  She is now 50 shades of purple….you’re welcome.

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