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Stop. Hammer time!

Posted by Allison on October 3, 2012

Remember awhile back when everything in my life was bitter and twisted and the songs in my head reflected that?  No?  Well awhile back everything in my life was bitter and twisted and the songs in my head reflected that.  Geez, pay attention.  I’ve noticed that lately I’m singing a different tune, literally.  Oh and not literally like people use literally and piss me off, I mean literally (without exaggeration or inaccuracy) the songs in my head are so much more positive than they were over the last few years.  I still find myself singing that Peter Gabriel song In Your Eyes for NO reason whatsoever as I have for the last 20 years but no longer to I find a sad tune just resting on my frontal lobe.  While living with LD (LaDouche) my “in my head” songs were quite dark and tragic. Don’t bother being all shocked that I call him LD, I WAS calling him Larry Lickbag courtesy of Morris but I’m not as angry anymore LD is actually a step up in the insult arena!  Anyway back to the songs in my head,  I wasn’t doing it consciously but they were all pretty bizarre.  I didn’t have any moments of suddenly singing Cell Block Tango (He ran into my knife ten times) but I did find myself singing super sad songs without even knowing it.  But how my life has changed.  Yesterday while walking through Extra Foods I stopped in the aisle and started giggling.  I was singing a happy giddy feel good tune while practically SKIPPING down the aisle.  Ok so the song I was singing was “You can’t touch this” so I think I may be getting my confidence back just a touch…also apparently I’m old cause in the songs in my head are thirty years old!

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