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I NEED to knit…

Posted by Allison on October 2, 2012

Do you know how I know it’s fall.  Itchy fingers.  Every year around this time I start to crave knitting.  Now it’s not like I don’t have projects I could do, oh I have plenty.  Upon reading this blog post my brother will start whining about how I haven’t made him those slippers he loves.  But it’s not THAT kind of knitting I start craving.  It’s socks.  With high quality sock yarn.   And cowls, I’m in the mood to make a few cowls.  Oh and some Bella mitts!  Every knitter has seen the Twilight mitts pattern, I’ve made a couple pair they are AWESOME.  I’m thinking of making some fingerless ones.  Man I love knitting.  I can’t knit in the summer it’s too hot but in the fall itchy fingers.

I also know it’s fall because it’s frickin’ cold outside.   Like see your breath in the morning cold.  But the best part of the chilly, damp mornings it that is the perfect weather for wellies.  So on the walk to school with E in the mornings I get to step out in these babies.


Okay honesty time, this picture is NOT from this morning.  If there was this much rain it would be completely reasonable to be wearing my wellies this morning. There is a MIST of rain today and I was so excited that I pulled out these puppies and wore them!  I now need it to stay wet and yucky for the next few months instead of going immediately from summer to winter and not giving me enough time to wear my favorite boots!

3 Responses to “I NEED to knit…”

  1. Latoya said

    I LOVE knitting socks. That is the only reason I learned to knit. I have lived in Florida near the beach and those cold weather fronts we had prompted the same thing. lol Now I’m in Ghana and very concerned that I haven’t seen anywhere to buy yarn; that search continues. Happy knitting!

    • Allison said

      I hope for your sake you find some local yarn! Maybe it’ll be a new natural fibre you never knew existed or something that is super exotic elsewhere is cheap and abundant there! It’s either that or some responsible shipping costs from online merchants. Good luck!

  2. Caitlin said

    I am perfectly willing to wear a sweater that you knit for me. Because I am just that considerate.

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