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Dally Winston wrecked my life…

Posted by Allison on October 1, 2012

I blame Dally Winston.  This love of the bad boy.  The boy who will not be tamed, it all started with Dally Winston.  Grade eight english class with Mrs. Rempel and we are reading The Outsiders.  There is no better book for teenage angst than a S.E. Hinton novel and The Outsiders was our book of choice.  We lapped it up.  And it also happens to be 1983, the year that hollywood decided to make this classic into a movie.  They went out and found all the young about to be stars and Francis Ford Coppola directed them into a frenzy of smouldering looks and fist raising glory.  There wasn’t just ONE cute teenage boy, there are dozens of them…all in one movie.  Want to know who was on the cover of Tiger Beat Magazine from 1982 to 1984? Every single one of these actors.  Even the older brother was hot.  There was Patrick Swayze (Darry) “i thought we lost you like we lost Mom & Dad!”, C. Thomas Howell (PonyBoy) “Nature’s first green is gold, her hardest hue to hold”, Rob Lowe (SodaPop) “Hey Two-Bit! Mickeys on TV”, Tom Cruise (Steve) “Beer for breakfast Two Bit?”, Emilio Estevez (Two-Bit) “Then PITY the backseat”, Ralph Macchio (Johnny)”Stay gold Ponyboy, stay gold”, pre-drugs Leif Garret (Bob the Socs)”you know what Greasers are?  White trash with greasy hair”…i mean even the hated side had cute boys.  But the end all and the be all for young 13 year old me was Matt Dillon as Dallas Winston “You gotta get TOUGH like me and nothing, NOTHING can touch you!” and “let’s do it for Johnny man, let’s do it for Johnny!”.  Oh god, he was just so….um…bad.  You know like tortured, misunderstood and a rebel.  All the very things that a young drama queen living in a small prairie city can pretend she can relate too.  Oh and did I relate!  Dally Winston WAS speaking to me through the screen.  Scene after overacted scene was CLEARLY just for me.  Ever since then I have continued my love of the unreachable bad boy. I convince myself that if I just love them enough, they will get past their emotional damage.  That I can somehow FIX them.  Show me a nice guy and I’ll show you the door.  Show me emotionally available and I’ll show you how I can run to the hills in 30 seconds flat.  But show me a closed man with no ability to communicate and an angry past that he can’t get through? Sign me up.  Dammit, they say that half the battle is knowing that you are in the battle and why.  So at least I recognize that I’m crazy….right?  I place the blame where it belongs, squarely at the feet of Francis Ford Coppola.


*I will admit that at NO TIME did I have to look up the actor, their character name or any quotes for the writing of this blog post.  At this very moment I couldn’t tell you what I ate for breakfast 2 hours ago but I can quote this entire movie almost word for word. The only reason I am not embarrassed by this fact is that I can name a half dozen 40 year old women who are currently nodding their collective heads in agreement.

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