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Life in Devon…not Devon UK yet still awesome.

Posted by Allison on September 18, 2012

Here is my new office!  It doesn’t look like much but it’s all mine and I LOVE it.  My boss painted it, put in a desk, a printer and file cabinet.  There are some nice blinds going up soon but the dude’s daughter is getting married SATURDAY so I’m shocked he’s got as much done as he has.


This is the room next door, my office looked just like it up until last weekend including the colour.


The only problem is that it’s in the back of a full salon and spa (that his wife owns).  I might end up spending all my money on pedicures!!

After work I walk 2 blocks away to the gym.  I’ve been trying out an ereader on loan from Edmonton Public, still on the fence about it as I keep wanting to turn it over and read the back, but it ROCKS for reading on the treadmill.  Much better than a physical book for reading while running BUT in bed I’m still reading physical books.


Trying to be car-free for the week but just got a notice from the post office that there is a parcel for me (my new passport yippee!!).  It’s 2 km away so in order to get it I’m going to have to exchange my treadmill time for outdoor walking one day this week.

Love the town, love my job, love the schools….HATE admitting that someone was right when he said to move out here almost a year ago.

Next up bathroom reno…must remember to take pictures as the contractor will be starting next week!


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