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Spring is my favorite time of year!

Posted by Allison on April 22, 2012

I have a blog post that is NOT this blog post.  I have a bitter, angry, screw you type blog post that is not this blog post.  But it’s gorgeous outside and I’m making fresh buns and hanging outside with my kids writing a blog post and I’m the furthest away from bitter and grouchy as you can possibly be…so you get this blog post.  The best part about Spring is the retiring of the dryer for another  five months or so.    This is the first weekend where everything is just so Spring-like that I can’t help but get outside and do stuff….first up was hanging the wash!

I forgot about the homemade fabric softener until too late but I now have 2 Litres of fresh homemade fabric softener. Pinterest has brought be yet another frugal living tip that I have no idea how I didn’t think of it myself.  I will be making my own fabric softener from now on.  Oh the variations!  Almost makes you want to dirty some clothes.  The recipe for the homemade fabric softener is at One Good Thing By Jillie,  she got it from another blogger who is referenced on her page but I found it through her so I’ll throw my traffic her way!

The kids are outside as even they are so excited for warm weather that there is no need to convince them.  Miss Thing is raking up the leaves.


Mr. Magoo is more of a consultant.  I actually feel quite sorry for every ladybug in a block radius because he has decided that he is going to make “friends” with all ladybugs.  There have already been a few tragic ending to some young lives, ladybugs gone to soon…followed by “oops, that was a little too hard a squeeze”.


Here he is building a habitat for the ladybugs he has yet to find.  If you listen closely you can hear them screaming “RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!”

One Response to “Spring is my favorite time of year!”

  1. Erin said

    May I just tell you how insanely jealous I am of your clothesline.

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