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Sunny Days…

Posted by Allison on March 11, 2012

Dear GOD I missed the sun while living overseas.  I mean, I know I whine and bitch about being back but I really missed the prairie sun.  It really does erase the winter blahs like nothing else.  I hate winter, I hate the cold, I hate that it’s spring in London and here we are weeks away from even looking a little bit like spring BUT I LOVE the sun.  And the winter this year hasn’t been THAT bad, the kids have loved it and Mr. Magoo has made snow angels which has made him VERY happy as he missed the snow last year in London.

But I’m done with the snow so thankfully it’s suppose to be all warm and melty this coming week.

You know what else erases the winter blahs hammering the hell out walls. Metaphoric walls work just as well.  So I’m doing that as much as I can.  It’s scary and it’s strange but it’s worth every second.

And now I’m doing what I keep saying I will do, finally making some solid headway on the various things I’ve pinned on Pinterest!  Today was the Garlic Cheesy Bread that everyone says is amazing.  They are right….I haven’t even put it in for the final melt and it’s the best smelling garlic french bread I’ve ever smelt.  I’m already thinking this one could be a cool adapt to make Olive garden style bread sticks.

The other ‘recipe’ I made this weekend off Pinterest was a Red Wine Spritzer.  Never had one with red wine before…YUMMO!

And now introducing the newest member of the family.  After TWENTY years of wishing, hoping and begging this beauty showed up at my door this past week.

Her name is Gertrude and she is the most wonderful new addition I could ever have dream up.  And unlike with my other additions she is busy ADDING yummy goodness to the house not eating everything that isn’t stapled down.


She makes me feel like I am part of some exclusive club, the kitchenaid mixer club.  I’m so happy to FINALLY be a part of it. Oh and I told Miss Thing I’m only passing her down if she keeps the name.  She just rolled her eyes and said that I’m being very weird since Gertrude got here.


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