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Pinterest is making me fat…

Posted by Allison on January 29, 2012

Ok, to be fair I do have a board called Recipes-Good for me, but I seem to be gravitating towards all the ‘fun’ recipes instead!  Last night I put together an Overnight Blueberry french toast and threw it in the oven.  It’s from a blog called Chef in Training fantastic blog.

I could have skipped the cream cheese if I was being a good girl.  But I wasn’t.

It turned out great.  The kids LOVED it.  Great for a Sunday morning as you have to put it in the oven for an hour and I’m not getting up early enough to do that on a school day.  Well I’m up, but I’m contesting so I suppose I could do it on a weekday.  There’s quite a bit left so I’m going to see if I can zap it tomorrow and put some syrup on it for a nice warm school day treat.

To alleviate the guilt of too much cream cheese I also brewed up some green tea to try Dr. Oz’s Green tea which I found on pinterest that lead me to New Nostalgia’s blog. Nice blog take a look around (if only to keep seeing the beautiful sink she has as a picture.  There is also a taco seasoning recipe that I pinned for later.  I’ve been drinking it all day and looking for other alternatives to flavour the green tea.  Let me say, Nestle’s isn’t getting my money any more!  And as an added benefit drinking 8 cups of green tea a day is suppose to boost your metabolism and help with weight reduction.   Since I’m a fan of doing things that require little work and help me lose weight, this one is a keeper.  And no added sugar needed, the tangerine and mint flavour it just to my taste.  Can’t wait to try it with pomegranate and lemon next.

So tonight for dinner it is chicken pillows also from Chef in Training!  I’d never heard of them before Pinterest but they sound DELICIOUS and it’s a perfect meal for the kids and I.  it’s makes 8 and I’m going to put some salad and spaghetti on the side.  Here’s ours all ready to go into the oven.  Since they only take 20 minutes Miss Thing and I did them up and they are waiting to go in at dinner time.

The recipe calls for shredded chicken but I didn’t have any cooked chicken in the house.  Funny I always try to have some cooked and ready to go but I didn’t.  I also realised I didn’t have any chicken stock, not that the recipe called for any but I like to have some on hand at all times.  Makes cooking rice better, or just anything that says ‘add water’ I’ll add a little chicken stock.  I HATE store bought chicken stock so I try to remember whenever I’m cooking chicken to make some and throw it in a mason jar in the fridge. By the way, have a mentioned how much i LOVE mason jars???  Seriously, love them.  Love the way the look in the fridge or in the cupboard.  Love throwing some ice in a mason jar and drinking out of them, just feels fancier or more stylish for some reason.

So very quickly cooking up some frozen chicken thighs that were in the freezer gets you a pile of cooked chicken for the meal and enough for extra in the fridge for salads for me all week.

And then in the pot I add back all the bones and skin add 4ish cups of water and boil it down.


Voila!  Chicken stock! Not laden with salt and crap that the stuff in the store is filled to the brim with…wuhoo!

I seriously LOVE Pinterest!

One Response to “Pinterest is making me fat…”

  1. Deb said

    Things have been crazy around here so haven’t popped by in a while. Just wanted to say ‘Hello’.
    Thanks for sharing, I enjoy your writing style.
    Hope you are having a good day today.

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