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Enough is enough

Posted by Allison on January 12, 2012

See what happens when I even THINK of writing more consistently?  Now it’s been days and I haven’t been here.  I’m such a dork.  Okay seriously next week I’m going to start writing more…no wait, I shouldn’t say that because then I won’t do it.

As I stumble through the first few weeks of 2012 my mind is reeling from what I can only call the “year of crazy” that follows a break down of a marriage.  This isn’t my term, it was dubbed by the great Morris after her divorce.  Now I’m not willing to go to the depth that she did to make sure the term fits (long HILARIOUS story) but I do look to her as an example as to what can happen if you just get through it.  It’s just a year.  It’s the first year and it can be a roller coaster of emotions.  It’s important not to make any life changing mistakes or you may live to regret it later.  Make sure you don’t remarry.  Sound ridiculous but a lot of people jump out of the frying pan and into the fire.  Decisions made in the first year will almost always seem sooooo right and they are often sooooo wrong.  Just make sure the mistakes are fixable and not permanent.  Tattoo – no  Shaved head – yes.  That’s all I’m saying.

So I’m dealing with something that I’m not sure how to absorb.  You know how when your life changes things become clearer?  Relationships that you thought were solid can suddenly seem very shaky.  Other relationships become stronger and yet others that seem like they were on the periphery of your life are now extremely important.  I’m very fortunate, I have amazing friends.  They have all banded together to help me through this difficult time.  I know that they have their own lives and my little problems could very easily be shoved to the side.  But for the most part that really hasn’t happened.  It makes me realize that I have some strong, true friends in my life.  There are other relationships that have fallen.  Ones that I thought were real. It’s been really sad to realize that in fact I wasn’t as important in their lives as they were in mine.  It’s all about learning I suppose.

I was going through pictures this morning with Elijah during social studies time and came across what must be the funniest picture of him I’ve ever taken.  Seriously made me giggle….Totally reminds me of Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes.  Elijah and his sock puppet.  Thank goodness for my children.  I would be a sobbing mess under my bed if not for them.

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