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Beaten by an 8 year old…

Posted by Allison on December 8, 2011

So there is nothing like a thrashing by an 8 year old to put an dent in the old self esteem!  Our school work today was all verbal, math was multiplication and division but since Mr. Magoo is a rock star at math we threw in some fractions.   We also trying to figure out how many homophones there are in the entire world.  This is not my choice….cause there are a LOT of homophones. But luckily that meant we were able to figure out how big the earth is and how many different languages there may be in the entire world!  We also found out what language they speak in Scotland!  We finished off our day with a bribe  game of memory, go fish and then fine motor play with beads. I got my butt kicked at memory cause I’m old and he has a near photographic memory.  Go fish was the same thing…I think he cheated. Check out the pattern on the butterfly!

I love watching this kid learn organically.  Given the opportunity they will easily cover everything they need to learn just out of curiosity.  There are days I have to say, SLOW DOWN, we don’t have to learn everything TODAY!

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