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I have confidence in me….

Posted by Allison on November 24, 2011

If you look up the word confidence in the dictionary you’ll find a picture of my youngest child.  Recently I’ve started writing down some of the things he says that just exude confidence.  Not only because they are funny as hell but because I wish I had 1/5th of the self assurance that he does. Here are some recent nuggets that have spewed out of Mr. Magoo’s mouth….and this was just yesterday and today.

If my sister goes missing she’ll miss me most of all.

I’m very clever.  And brilliant.  Remember? I’m brilliant too.

And this morning we had this discussion after watching a Max and Ruby episode when Ruby put a dress on Max.

Him “Boys can’t wear dresses”

Me “oh?”

Him “i’d wear a dress because I like to be fancy and i don’t care that people think they are just for girls”

Me “hmm”

Him “but I’ll let people call it a kilt so they don’t feel weird”

Me “I love you”

Him “I know Mom”

Sometimes the world gets overwhelming.  My situation feels like I can’t possibly be any closer to the bright sunshiny days that I realize MUST be coming.  But the one thing I have that keeps me positive is this…..I’m a fucking rock star as a Mom.    I don’t know how, and I don’t know why but it’s the one thing even on my darkest days I know is true.

These three have richer lives because I am their Mom.  Why don’t we as women who are doing an awesome job feel like we can’t say that?  Why is it so bad to say, you know what, I fucking ROCK THIS!  Well I do…and the best part is these three would agree with me….even the one who’s fully cooked.  When I’m old and gray (well older and grayer) I know that I’ll have 3 people who will not feel obligated to “Go see Mom”.  I know that I’ll have 3 people who will want to spend time with the old bird.  Even if she swears too much and keeps getting in trouble at the home for having boys in her room.  I’m just hoping one of the little buggers remembers to pluck my chin.


4 Responses to “I have confidence in me….”

  1. Karen said

    Yes Allison, you are a ROCKSTAR MOM to your three wonderful children and we do need to remind ourselves and others how good of a Mom we are to our children. Your children are the sunshine of your life right now and you are their sunshine too. Keep reminding them about those darn chin hairs so they won’t forget to remove them for you when you are unable. I always worry about who will cut my toe nails too. ha. Keep your chin up Allison, things can only get better.

  2. Your post made me laugh out loud…loved it! Sounds like you have a great relationship with your kids. And you’re right…we moms should be more proud than critical of ourselves! I hope I end up at the same nursing home as you – at least I know where the fun (and boys) will be!

  3. Gail Cupid Preston said

    One must also be humble enough to know who will be the one(s) choosing the “home”, lol! That’s why I say all my children are “rockstars”!!

  4. What a great way to start my day! Thanks for the *push* I’m a ROCKSTAR mom too 🙂 Not sure why it is so hard to have confidence and say it out loud, but what the hell?! Have a great weekend!

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