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Let’s call a spade a spade….

Posted by Allison on November 22, 2011

After the last “spade” reference I was giggling away with Rox telling her how ‘someone’ had made a spade reference but it was a racial one and they had no idea and blah blah blah…..and then she laughed and said “you idiot, that was me”.  Let’s see how many quotes I can find with the word “spade” in it that are NOT racial slurs.  It’s obvious I just write this blog to amuse myself.    Note to self, I must have to get my sister in law to run the dementia test on me…

I’ve said many times before, I live my life with a song constantly playing in my head.  Once it’s in there, it’ll never come out.  Some songs are in there without my permission and others are in there just to taunt me.  Peter Gabriel In Your Eyes for example.  That damn song plays in my head  more often than I can tell you.  It’s my go to song.  If I’m not paying attention and then suddenly notice I’m humming something, 9.5 times out of 10 it’ll be that song.  For YEARS I would forget who sang it.  It drove me insane.  I would have to call Carroll and ask her.  Over and over again I would call her and she would sigh and tell me “Peter Gabriel you idiot”.  Yesterday the song in my head was Stereo Hearts by Gym Class Heros featuring Adam Levine.  Have I ever mentioned how much I  ♥Adam Levine?  There is something about that little bugger that makes my heart go thumpa thumpa.  He’s one of those wiry not classically handsome guys that just ooozes sex appeal.  And some of Maroon 5 old stuff?  Amazing.  I mean I like the newer stuff too but go and listen to Songs About Jane.  I mean Harder to Breathe?  Are you fucking kidding me?  Sex with a microphone.  Plus he’s only 10 years younger than me so I’m not creepy for having a crush on him.


Oh and if there is anyone out there wondering what to get a newly single 42 year old woman with a love of books.   There is a beautiful way to support literacy and make me feel good all at the same time.  Men of the Stacks 2012  calendar featuring 12 months of real librarians.  Here’s Mr. January, I’m a sucker for dark hair and blue eyes.  *Drool*

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