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What have YOU done today to make you feel proud.

Posted by Allison on November 13, 2011


Music is the constant through my head.  What ever is going on with me I have music going on in my head.  If I’m pissy it’s usually Neil Diamond.  Seriously.  I AM I SAID is screaming in my brain if I’m angry with you.  When I’m trying to convince myself to do something I sing I HAVE CONFIDENCE from the Sound of Music as I walk.   If you hear me humming BRING IT ON HOME by Sam Cooke, it’s likely I’m picturing you naked.  This is the song that I’m living today.   PROUD by Heather Small.  I’ve loved this song from season 1 episode 1 of Queer as Folk (the American version) .  If you don’t know the scene,  you can watch the following video.  It’s called QUEER as Folk people, if you don’t want to watch it, don’t.  But don’t watch it and then whine that there’s gay dudes in it.


The other day my oldest was saying how his musical taste is so varied and he never understood why people can just dismiss an entire genre.  He said, I’ll listen to anything that appeals to me, music is subjective so why do people feel the need to trash others for liking something…it’s weird.   He is soooo my kid.

So today I’m proud that I got on this..


My free rowing machine that I picked up just yesterday.   I had a million reasons NOT to get on it this morning and I didn’t let any of them work.  The most hilarious of those excuses was that I didn’t have any ‘rowing’ music.  After rowing for what is quite frankly an embarrassingly small amount of time, I showered (in the new bathroom) and then made a new itunes playlist for tomorrow.  The last song on the playlist is PROUD.  I will get on that thing every damn day if it kills me.  And I will get up to a full hour of rowing because I can’t get out to run now that it’s dark in the mornings and a little too dangerous in the river valley and I NEED an hour of cardio every day.  If I tell you the ridiculous goal I’ve set for myself you will all collapse in laughter….so I’ll keep it to myself but suffice it to say my next birthday will be very revealing…


One Response to “What have YOU done today to make you feel proud.”

  1. Viajera said

    OMG! I LOVE QAF and that song! 🙂 Good luck with the rower. It’s seriously the only gym machine that I will even look at.

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