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Ahoy Matey!

Posted by Allison on September 21, 2011

Thankfully there is a LOT of free curriculum out there on the internet as I’m a bit of curriculum junkie at the moment.  The other day I heard about a unit study on Pirates for kids ages 8 – 13 and I immediately downloaded it!  Once we are finished with the Solar System we are going to give this one a go!  I  found this one at The Homeschool Mom which is also where I found the Country Unit Study that I’m using for our CANADA unit.

It’s good for any country and perfect for our reintroduction to Canada.   Covers everything from history and art to money and flags.  I think Mr. Magoo will enjoy this one.

As for the house,  I’m into mason jars.  BIG TIME.  I put the square ones that I found at a garage sale on the ledges by the sink. So far I have filled one with garlic.  I could use some ideas from the peanut gallery….so post some comments blog friends!

We are off to the park with some homeschooling friends this afternoon.  Might as well take advantage of the summer-like weather while we can!  In a few months we’ll be huddled in front of the fireplace trying to keep warm.

Oh and I’m TOTALLY posting a pic of my buddy that I took yesterday.  She is cuddling the cutest little monkey and since in this pic you can’t see his face it’s blog worthy!  Yes she really does look this good FOUR days after giving birth. Feel free to hate her.



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