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The school year has started…

Posted by Allison on September 9, 2011

AND IT ROCKS!  I am a true believer, I know I had doubts before but I GET it now!  Mr. Magoo is loving the homeschooling.  Our goal is to de-school through the month of September, just ease into it.  I’m allow Mr. Magoo to lead more than anything.  He expresses an interest in a subject and we go from there.  It’s amazing how many lessons you can have in a day without the child knowing that they are learning.  This is our first day….we attended a NOT the first day of School picnic put on by one of the local homeschooling associations.  Mr Magoo was the photographer for the day so that he could meet people without pressure.


Today we had such a wonderful time.  We started the solar system unit that he has been DYING to learn about.  The first bit was making our glow in the dark solar system.  We got the first bit done this morning.  We have more to do but  we’ll get to it Monday.

I love the way our day just flows now that we aren’t stressed about the classroom.  We’ve found a natural learning group that we are joining and I’m starting to become a little active in a couple local groups.  What a wonder start to the year.

It’s super hot but I’m in the mood for soup so there is split pea soup on the stovetop.  I can’t have soup without home made buns.  I REALLY need to get a breadmaker again.  In the mean time, kneading dough it is!

Oh and today I zipped over to a little garage sale not to far from my house because I saw an ad on kijiji that said “tonnes of canning supplies”.  Slight understatement.  More like garage full of mason jars!  I scored these adorable mason jars (they are SQUARE!) for a project I’m thinking of….

Re-nest has this brilliant idea up on their website.  I’m soooo doing this!!

Not with the square jars mind you I have another idea for those….




2 Responses to “The school year has started…”

  1. susan said

    Hey Allison – I saw that jar idea on Pinterest!! Love it! (by the way, nice to meet you last night!)

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